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  • My teeth and my ice so white like Shady
  • best song ever
  • I wish there was some way to get rid of Lil Wayne's parts on this. [3]
  • I wish there was some way to get rid of Lil Wayne's parts on this. [2]
  • Dat beat
  • Wayne's verse was actually decent and he actually had flow and didn't resort to that gimmick style he has. Kanye's verse was meh but this beat goes hard.
  • I thought Wayne's verse wasn't terrible, at least his flow was spot on with the beat. Not a great track though, not sure if there is evena message behind the song.
  • Really? My 2nd favorite on the album behind The Glory.
  • Worst on the album
  • "So I spit some shit on some Kanye shit and I ain't talkin' goin' hard shit- I'm talkin' poop shit, I shit all over Yeezy and he like "thank you Weezy", Graduation such an ego trip it more like Masturbation, you top the chart beating fiddy and think yo in heaven, log onto Pitchfork and I turned yo 9.4 to an 8.7" - Lil Wayne, 2010.
  • Everyone has already stated everything there is to say about this track: Dope beat, Kanye is great, and Wayne sucks.
  • Still my favourite song off the whole album (except for the Lil' Wayne bit)
  • What a dope beat, with a listenable verse by Kanye ruined by a meh verse by Weezy.
  • Lol Lil Wayne demonstrates how much of a retard he is on this song. It woulda done a lot better without him. I kinda dig it, but not really.
  • The inclusion of Lil Wayne is questionable at best.
  • I wish there was some way to get rid of Lil Wayne's parts on this.
  • This is the worst Wayne verse I've heard. Why the fuck is he on this song?
  • this is the worst kanye track ever
  • Why is wayne on this track?
  • word up, weezy is shit
  • Lil Wayne ruins everything
  • hey baseball star!
  • heey duuude ....kanye is so so FRESH!
  • Good track. Wayne ruins the last part though
  • My favourite track on the whole album... FACT!
  • ...and bow so hard that ya knees hit ya forehead! yA' DIIIIIG??! hahaha...
  • The last bit is absolute crap =/
  • worst track from kanye ever
  • lil waynes verse sucks
  • Hmm.. I'm hoping it will grow on me

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