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  • Avatar for suuud92
    Kanye's masterpiece
  • Avatar for crimsonblood_
    happy 10th
  • Avatar for redsoxceltics86
    Incredible album. His second best behind Dark Fantasy.
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    no doubt his best album
  • Avatar for GhostHaunted
    Probably his best album [2]
  • Avatar for oohsehun
    I miss this era
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    Probably his best album
  • Avatar for opgay
  • Avatar for HerperDerper
    You need to pump your brakes and drive slow homey.
  • Avatar for heyman010
    I always question if the room the bear is entering is the same one David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. The sign on the door says K.West and the scenery looks so similar
  • Avatar for JodyeII
    This is not even close to the worst album ever tho. Well yeah it's his opinion but I liked this album.
  • Avatar for thatoneguydanny
    why do people hate kanye west so much? beyond just "he looks like such a jerk in his interviews :(" how can they hear "Bring Me Down" or "We Major" and actually dislike him?
  • Avatar for mahgeneration
    OcellatedGod, kill yourself [2]
  • Avatar for YessBVBY
    OcellatedGod, kill yourself
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    One of the worst albums I've ever heard. I want my hour of life back.
  • Avatar for dAdriano
  • Avatar for A5troBlack
    Broke, broke, broke phi broke! we ain't got it! [3]
  • Avatar for DickBigems
    Kidding me? The Diamonds Remix is one of the album's hottest moments [2] My favorite Kanye album.
  • Avatar for Patesta
    Kidding me? The Diamonds Remix is one of the album's hottest moments
  • Avatar for Rezzo64
    Such an amazing yet inconsistent album. We Major, Gone, Roses all fantastic tracks, but then you have songs like Celebration and the Diamonds Remix w/ Jay-Z ruining the good moments. *sigh*
  • Avatar for Laa-Brent
    Roses <3
  • Avatar for Rydia69
    (Album Version (Explicit))
  • Avatar for pavskies
    This is what it sounds like when someone spends 2 million dollars to produce an album. Pretty good, eh?
  • Avatar for him_ville_valo
    Great album! <3
  • Avatar for nacht_vogel
    I definitely consider this to be his best record, even better than MDTF, mainly because of the production and those dope beats, but also the kind of lyrics I prefer to the shit he's rappin about on MDTF.
  • Avatar for osmark
    Broke, broke, broke phi broke! we ain't got it!
  • Avatar for BlackSoulFoda
    best cd
  • Avatar for alhajisheriff
    really feeling it
  • Avatar for u2theedge
    Always enjoy this album.
  • Avatar for maplejet
    His best album. Listen to this with Common's Be simultaneously for best result since many of the samples rejected on Be were used here.
  • Avatar for bohomusic
    Even though Graduation is my favorite, this album is just as good yet somewhat underrated.
  • Avatar for Music-Ninja
    Awesome Album, 2nd Right after MBDTF
  • Avatar for riesenhintern95
    his best album! love the songs diamonds, addiction, drive slow!
  • Avatar for patisawesome121
    It seems like this release has more collaborations than songs (if you get my drift).
  • Avatar for joaovictor13
    Fantastic. His best, together with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
  • Avatar for xAng3luSx
    Roses, Bring Me Down and Addiction the one after the other can't be described by words.
  • Avatar for Blue_Key
    STILL kanye's best lp. here, i'll prove it, if College Dropout were ye's second lp, and late reg. was the 1st, people would have said, "College Dropout's nice! a bit less playable then late reg but still good!" its just that CD is a debut people say it's his best but it isn't. theyre both close as fuck tho. almost the same album.
  • Avatar for Dominicanbred
    broke phi broke, We aint got it!!!!
  • Avatar for drehaus
    Still love this album, five years later, it doesn't really sound aged at all. Neither does College Dropout, I love them both.
  • Avatar for homm
    Gold Digger :-)
  • Avatar for FrancisTreptoe
    Favorite Kanye album for sure. Very underrated.
  • Avatar for EntaDaStage
    His best album no doubt, in fact soo good that i purchased it on vinyl.
  • Avatar for theking2008
    lmao. rap album of the decade...smh.
  • Avatar for crw6291
    of all time?
  • Avatar for ThunderAndStorm
    Epic. Definitely Rap album of the decade.
  • Avatar for adam_wrong
    Jon Brion, yesh yesh.
  • Avatar for wetwillies
    Seriously some of the nicest production I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for ffishscale
    5 years ago today... hard to believe it's been that long! lol i wish i could go back and listen to it for the first time again.
  • Avatar for AkayeMusic
    Yeah this CD is the shit. Man, roses barely has any plays. If you haven't listened to roses yet do it!
  • Avatar for Aaroneepap
    One of the first albums I ever bought, and still one of my favorite albums ever. Love every track.


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