• Carry On

    28 Sep 2007, 14:53 by TulsaMJ

    Tonight we're going to go hear Kansas at the Tulsa State Fair. In honor of the event I'm playing all 141 of my unique Kansas tracks today (if I get through them all). I've made up two playlists... one with studio tracks, and one with live tracks. It strikes me how many live albums Kansas has released over the years... Two for the Show in 1978, Live at the Whisky in 1992, King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents released in 1998 (the recording actually predates Whisky, though), then Device Voice Drum in 2002. And Carry on Wayward Son is on every one of them, not to mention all of the greatest hits compilations. I've got five copies of it (in various live versions, plus two copies of the studio recording) on my computer, and it would be six except that I didn't rip the songs from The Best of Kansas that I already have on the computer.

    I wonder how many times that one song has been purchased through the years? I wonder how many times Kansas has played it live? I wonder if the last.