• iPod Shuffling

    2 Dec 2006, 12:48 by rjgexplode

    Put your ipod/MP3/Media Player on random.

    Song Number 1 :: Sadie Hawkins Dance
    Your favourite lyric from this song::
    "The quarterback asked me if I'd like a beating
    I said that's one thing I won't be needing
    And since I'm rather smart and cunning
    I took off down the next hall running"
    Does this song have any bad memories attached?:: Yeah.
    What genre is this?:: Rock

    Song Number 2:: Bodies
    What's the last line of this song?:: "The floor"
    Have you ever seen this artist live?:: Nope
    Who does this song make you think of?:: When I used to play Runescape, as I used to listen to this track a lot then.

    Song Number 3:: World's Child
    What's the first line of this song?:: "Eternity's long minutes are flowing from my hands"
    Where did you first here this song?:: When I got Difference
    How about the first time you heard the artist?:: My friend Patrick sent me a song by them

    Song Number 4:: Hellrider