• my TOP ARTISTS of the last week

    1 Sep 2006, 13:42 by Michinio

    ok, let's move on:

    1. Hallucinogen
    Simon Posftord - Uncle of Psychedelic trance!!! (Fathers are Astral Projection :)).. The Best on I think.. The first release (Twisted - 1996) was like nuclear bomb in trance music.. member of several projects (Shpongle, Younger Brother, The Infinity Project).. Has second album (The Lone Deranger - 1998).. I was totally smashed at Soulclipse 2006 festival when he played his set right before Total Solar Eclipse.

    2. Sepultura
    Can you feel contrast? :) Actually I've written about them before but as they say in Georgian proverb: Repeatition is mother of Knowledge :)

    So They are really great! The first several albums were just trash metal, but with Roots (1996) They've made revolution imho!.. It is something like Heavy-Psychedelic-Ethno Metal!.. If you have not heard it before, my congratulations - you have big event in your life: To hear it for first time! :)

    3. Queen
    Please don't make me talk about this people, I have not deserved it yet :)