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  • Avatar for kinsky
    Some of the most beautiful stuff I've ever heard...and I've heard a hell of a lot..
  • Avatar for bruinthesky
    "Mas nada que seja suficiente para tirar o foco sobre o brilho de sua música. Kaki King não é uma instrumentista mulher ou uma instrumentista lésbica, mas simplesmente uma instrumentista, e das mais talentosas." eita discurso idiota, ela é sim uma instrumentista lésbica e mulher, o significado político disso é importante e não deve ser apagado. LESBIAN MUSICIAN PRIDE <3
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    LOL @ the O2 Academy Islington's 'Kaki King' pic
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Cool Music
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    Just got home from seeing The Neck live, and let me tell you the entire thing is a very different, very grand experience when Kaki's on guitar right in front of you for it. If/when she releases the video footage of the whole show, y'all should jump on it.
  • Avatar for Beccawilsonxx
    Favorites and always will be.
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    Generic, mediocre, lame :( much disappointed
  • Avatar for BANDITOATTACK
    her new album is absolutely phenomenal. i can't stop listening to it
  • Avatar for satchalicious
    "Frame" used to be my favorite Kaki intro. Now, "In the Beginning" has officially taken over that spot. New album is amazing! Thanks Kaki!
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    New album, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, is set to come out on March 3rd. People who backed her kickstarter last year already have the album, and let me tell you it is 100% worth it. You can pre-order it here:
  • Avatar for Linda182
    It's even more "indie" because she's gay.
  • Avatar for forgetmenot
    "I dont mean to sounds offensive, but she is Buckethead with tits :)" lol, she doesn't make as many recordings as Buckethead tho. Buckethead is weirder and more hermit-y.
  • Avatar for B_B_K
    Congratulations to a new mother!
  • Avatar for sataraid1
    I listened to it 187 billion times because it's awesome.
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    oh yeah, totally, it's a great track. it's just never been in the top 15 before, so it was weird it randomly jumped, haha.
  • Avatar for lukeash
    Lightningmonkey - I'm not surprised, it randomly came up on my itunes and i was almost in tears with how awesome it was. cool shit.
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    whoa, These Are The Armies Of The Tyrannized randomly at #1, what happened there?
  • Avatar for sky_baran
    Listening to Motreal , Oh its so motivating , its like you want to start running and don't stop ;)
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    to sound*
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    I dont mean to sounds offensive, but she is Buckethead with tits :)
  • Avatar for Linda182
  • Avatar for manuelomar2001
    Those are listed as similar artists because she knows all of them and plays with them semi-often. Also, they share fanbases. Remember goes by what people like and listen to, rather than what the music itself sounds like. This isn't Pandora.
  • Avatar for satchalicious
    Loveth my Kaki!
  • Avatar for KevinVillage
    wtf is with the similar artists?
  • Avatar for Cilesse
    Uh <3
  • Avatar for VitorMach
    What a great discovery!
  • Avatar for prifontenele
    kaki queen
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    Until We Felt Red is seriously the greatest thing
  • Avatar for carukia
    Glow is such a masterpiece [2]
  • Avatar for heyluana
    Glow is such a masterpiece
  • Avatar for rickysbutler
    If anyone wants an .mp3 version of her amazing cover of Fences' My Girl the Horse, the basis for the song Fences, here's a link: I personally have it tagged as a thirteenth track to Glow.
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    rargh, come back to london!
  • Avatar for Linda182
    No True Masterpiece Will Ever Be Complete. <3
  • Avatar for manuelomar2001
    Remember that labels "similar" artists based on what fans of those artists also listen to, rather than on some abstract algorithm or keywords like Pandora does. Personally, I like this way better.
  • Avatar for skeletocat
    they're the similar artists because kaki's friends with tegan and sara, and an horse but more importantly a large portion of her fan base come from, t+s's fanbase.
  • Avatar for AlexMercure
    lmao Adenviel pls go
  • Avatar for Adenviel
    Kaki and those similar artists are a bunch of qts, that's the thing they have in common
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    I will never understand why Magazine isn't in her top 15
  • Avatar for tomatao
    huge artist, really love her songs, very talented
  • Avatar for KuriousBanana
    I love spending time alone with Kaki.
  • Avatar for Milo101
    Joi is such an incredible song, and deserves more plays!
  • Avatar for countinfive
    just listen to sunnyside.
  • Avatar for lightningmonkey
    I dunno, I don't think Junior is listless at all, I feel like it was a way for her to express an aspect of her musical side that she couldn't really do, with Dreaming of Revenge and Until We Felt Red. I love her instrumental stuff, of course, and Glow is fabulous, but there's a lot of color and expression in Junior that doesn't really show up in the rest of her discography.
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    junior was a disappointment for me...I've been through stylistic shifts with her before, but it just seemed like a really listless album. fortunately Glow is fucking awesome
  • Avatar for countinfive
    well kaki was actually recently in australia for peats ridge fest.
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    @Reoffender Wow, Junior a disappointment? Damn, I love that album, my favorite of hers, because it is so completely different from anything she has ever done.
  • Avatar for reoffender
    Glow is exactly what I needed to hear after the disappointment of Junior. THANK YOU.
  • Avatar for XYfuckU
    Please Kaki, please come to Aussie or New Zealand. I BEG YOU!!!
  • Avatar for vincelovessnow
    those similar artist are so wrong. annoying :/ MariaBasquiat is right... it's just because she's gay...
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    until we felt red is sneakily one of the best album i've ever heard


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