• A Big Bag of Just Good

    6 Mar 2008, 03:25 by WhereImGoing

    After last night's above average performances, the women would have to be amazing to keep up. So here's the review for the Top 8 ladies.

    Asia'h Epperson sings I Wanna Dance with Somebody - That was a big bag of "eh". I just didn't think it was as good as the judges did, but I do like Asia'h, and hopefully she'll make it through based on her accumulated performances.

    Kady Malloy sings Live forever - Ya know, I've been rooting for Kady, because I really believe she's got some talent, but it just hasn't shown through, and she's going home tomorrow night. The vocal showed promise, but Kady didn't see a note that she couldn't flatten, and she steamrolled through every single one. No more Britney imitations.

    Amanda Overmyer sings I Hate Myself for Loving You - Amanda definitely got back to what she does well, and I did enjoy it. Having said that, she definitely proved that she's a one-trick pony, and that should concern her.