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  1. Depressive black metal from Belarus.
    Chernolesie was formed in the Belarusian city of Brest Gantsevichi cold winter of 2007. The group is composed…

  2. Genre: Ambient / Black Metal
    Lyrical theme(s) Death, Pain, Depression
    Location Ankara, Lütfen bölgenizi seçin., Türkiye
    Record Label Extreminal /…

  3. Ars Diavoli is a black metal band formed in Portugal by multi-instrumentalist and sole member Villkacis in 2005. The first Ars Diavoli release was the…

  4. Depressive Black Metal / Ambient
    Location: France/Italy
    Members - P. guitar drum programing, Letaliis vocal lyrics, Lyrical theme(s): Depression,…

  5. Black / doom metal formed in 2008 in France (Île-de-France). The man behind this band is Ensamhet.

    1. Suite Neurasthénique pour la…

  6. Depressive black metal band from US , formed in 2007 by Bon Vincent Fry. Here's introduction of the band by Bon himself :
    "Lamentations of the…

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. Balnasar is a depressive black metal band from Germany, formed in 2007 by "Bavragor" and "Nosophoros". Both artists also play in Final Agony.…

  9. Astral Melancholy is a depressive black metal solo project by Torn from Rovaniemi, Finland.

  10. Ah Ciliz is a one man band from Los Angeles, CA.
    Ah Ciliz is E.A.B. - Instruments, Vocals, Programming

  11. Solo project of W.Damiaen.

    Suicidal Cry-Outs (2011)
    Vanquished Memories of a Broken Past (2011)
    Als loze willen dwalen (2012)

  12. N.Ø.N was formed on winter 2007 by N. and D.


  13. There is more than one artist with this name.

    1) Ethere was a one man ambient black metal band from Alsace, France. Released a split with Glaser in…

  14. Death Aura is a side-project of Claustrophobist (ex-WS) from Tomb Of.... The music is similar, but it's more haunting and less noisy.

    The project…

  15. Wehmut is a depressive black metal band from Germany. It's only member is Till S.
    Till released a promo in 2007 which contained a demo version from…

  16. Depressive Black Metal from France,
    Angest Herre & Hordah Blaästhiir - Suite Neurasthénique pour la Pendaison (Split)

  17. LORD AGHEROS history started with Vertex band in 1995 attending synths and voice duties until the 1998. After this experience Evangelou…

  18. 1) Valefor is Turkish depressive/suicidal black metal project from Izmir.
    This Band Release 6 Albums Until Now
    1- Screams of Suicide - Full-length…

  19. Fullmoon Dweller is a depressive black metal band from Mexico.
    Lyrical themes: depression,suicide


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