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  • Avatar for versionfiv
    try [artist]Decomposed[/artist] - [album artist=Decomposed]Devouring[/album] CD for something similar to kaamos.
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    Lucifer Rising <3
  • Avatar for PP667
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    self titled is getting an LP repress on Floga records this year. if it sells well, maybe they'll make one for Lucifer Rising, too? already have the self titled so for me, it's not such big news.
  • Avatar for JoseMariaAznar
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
  • Avatar for Skullbearer
    Forever Mighty! Reform please.
  • Avatar for razzdi
    A fucked up Death metal band indeed !!! Hail
  • Avatar for Ugly13
    They need to reform.... [2]
  • Avatar for HF_Valkyr
  • Avatar for DisConduct
    They need to reform....
  • Avatar for ishaav
    Suprised? MA is full of retards. [2]
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    Suprised? MA is full of retards.
  • Avatar for afz902k
    Scales of Leviathan is outstanding, whoever reviewed it on MA is a retard.
  • Avatar for corporatedemon
    Best shit ever!
  • Avatar for asphyxiatedsoul
    This band rips!
  • Avatar for Ugly13
    Great Death Metal!!! It's bad they have split-up...
  • Avatar for Rauniotorni
    @FalseReligion, maybe some of the members have relatives from Finland etc.
  • Avatar for nokturnal69
    SEX !
  • Avatar for Maciej1988
    This band definitely should be reactivated.
  • Avatar for companerotoledo
    great band!
  • Avatar for vieechen
    they are great!
  • Avatar for BrunoUnknown
    Dumah Grind (metal downloads blog) Group
  • Avatar for NecroDoctor
    Great band!
  • Avatar for adflmanyg
    they are sooo fucking epic.
  • Avatar for Berud
    [group]Gustave Doré[/group] check that group.
  • Avatar for Nomadfyllan
    Muslims, as all religious people, may they be christians or jewish, all the sons of desert-religions, are the enemies of the individual. Well done on the arabic parts in Blood of Chaos. I get the chills when listening to it, and that don't happen often nowadays.... Plant a tree for Satan, fuckers!
  • Avatar for Terrorghoul
    the tracklist of the candlelight cd is somehow fucked up if I remeber correctly. maybe that's the problem.
  • Avatar for CallumJBS
    Listen to the chorus' of Doom of Man and Blood of Chaos, that'll explain it. The shouts are on Doom of Man.
  • Avatar for tristan_f
    Those Arabic shouts/verses are on Doom Of Man
  • Avatar for CallumJBS
    The shouts are on Doom of Man.
  • Avatar for BeyondTheHorror
    Self titled and Lucifer Rising are impressive albums. Blood of Chaos shouts..well done.
  • Avatar for Acid_Bath_
    such a great band.
  • Avatar for Violetha
    THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME. hah theres no need to say it though
  • Avatar for Snutskallar
    "Blood of chaos" is a prayer to satan, spoken in arabic. The pronunciation is a bit ... well ... Swedish, but you can catch what he's saying. I think it's really fucking cool that they went out and had something written, and then took the time to learn to pronounce it properly. A+ for effort. It's always nice to see people take their blasphemy seriously.
  • Avatar for DarkSilmaril
    wow, just listened to agony, didn't kno they're playing minimal electro too, haha. what's that track doin there anyway?
  • Avatar for Masakistjg
    I just picked up "Lucifer Rising".. HOLY SHIT. This is some great shit!
  • Avatar for CallumJBS
    I had the tracks listed wrong...I meant Doom of Man. That and Corpus Vermis are my favourites.
  • Avatar for CallumJBS
    I love the hysteric shouts at the beginning of Blood of Chaos. For me the s/t album is the best.
  • Avatar for Jarnroth
    Corpus Vermis! Cooorpuuuuus, Veeermiiiiiiiiiis!
  • Avatar for afz902k
    Ascent sounds really nice, I think it could have been made into a killer song. Anyway Swedish Kaamos rules.
  • Avatar for Jarnroth
    Waah, I didn't even know they played - Wish I'd been there!
  • Avatar for Scrotum_Grinder
    Great gig last night in Stockholm!
  • Avatar for beatfreshman
    Original Finnish band is the real Kaamos...
  • Avatar for funkybrother
    Deeds And Talks is amazing album.
  • Avatar for EndstilleBM
    I've seen their last gig, and it was great. This band is/was great. But underestimated ....
  • Avatar for squigglycircle
    Umm... The free track sounds nothing like either Finn-prog or melodic death metal. Are there more out there?
  • Avatar for Worm-Infested
    cuz it's swedish which is one of the factors takes into account.
  • Avatar for GrimFaust
    How the fuck is this similar to Anata..?
  • Avatar for blaspheretik
    generic? Oh please.


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