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  • Avatar for Bajan_LiBra
    i love KT and this track was stuck in my head from first listen!!! and the album as a whole was a great
  • Avatar for Rock_n_Robin
    KT...does it get any better than this? I love the way she rocks out in "Little Favours". Scotland's finest...I love the smoky flavor in her voice in this song. ❤ •♪♫•*
  • Avatar for gilliananne
    love this one
  • Avatar for PurplePostRock
    Scottish Pride.
  • Avatar for Nochek
  • Avatar for keanequeen
  • Avatar for sas1983
    Sounds great live!!!
  • Avatar for Neferteri
    really love KT
  • Avatar for SurpriseMe
    oh her raspy voice..!
  • Avatar for smegged
    love this
  • Avatar for oMANOo
    Great album opener. Energetic (:
  • Avatar for mountainhoney
    Yes i do you............................
  • Avatar for AnaGarcez
    "So take me faaar away. And hold me close to your heart...."
  • Avatar for Nicoleplay
    i like this coustic version!!
  • Avatar for rozirdo
  • Avatar for holyck
    cool sheryl crow opener ;)
  • Avatar for kortel
    çok iyi...
  • Avatar for felipeattilio
  • Avatar for CyberManin
    Love this tune, between Bjorg and Carrie Underwood... ♥
  • Avatar for NinjaVampirate
  • Avatar for zivilars
    Pure Power.
  • Avatar for Toplinetrainer
    Anyone know where to buy this version? ...The one on deezer doesn't seem to have the same beat. Its soooo sweet. The regular version just doesn't cut it next to this one :(
  • Avatar for baobah
    she rocks!
  • Avatar for RoomForSymmetry
    It sounds different on here because it's a very early version of the song, almost a demo
  • Avatar for kitdisaster
    i like this acoustic version a lot.
  • Avatar for ximenaelizeche
    shes the best!!
  • Avatar for dluuu
    she is soooo cool!!!!
  • Avatar for Madelines
    One of my favs..I love the beat..but agree with nodham, it sounds"off" on here..
  • Avatar for makyavel333
    gerçekten öwgüye değer..
  • Avatar for blondblaubloed
  • Avatar for High-Saphir
  • Avatar for mexuriana
    love it
  • Avatar for CantonDem
    @psi23 It's KT. Threw me for a bit too. I think this is just her singing at a higher register than I'm used to from her...
  • Avatar for cmcmsf
    If this isn't released as a single, it would be a crime. Powerful, awesome song.
  • Avatar for psi23
    That sounds nothing like KT...sounds more like Katie Melua to me?
  • Avatar for Dendie
    I love her voice, and she sounds even better live. Ashes has to be my favourite song though.
  • Avatar for luisf_fer
    She has a great voice... so soft and so sweet
  • Avatar for mixplusik
    @nodham: this is an early version of this song, the one about what sugaboy said. It comes from KT's acoustic demo "Tracks in July" and was a b-side to the vinyl single "Under the Weather". You can listen to the whole "Tracks in July" here:
  • Avatar for sugaboy
    Love this song. I'm listening to the old version lately (the one from UTW single) and it's also fantastic!
  • Avatar for nodham
    The [listenable] song here on is acoustic. It's also got an odd vocal. At times I'm not even certain it's KT.
  • Avatar for mizz_grace
    Great intro to the album!
  • Avatar for Manatees
    lovely tune
  • Avatar for Indie_Boy
    I wish this song was longer and i also feel that this should be a single as well.
  • Avatar for Indie_Boy
    I wish this song was longer and i also feel that this should be a single as well.
  • Avatar for phuijbers
    hmm sweet song, give me more. Is there an acoustic version? I am curious about the songs in her Katie time while she was a student
  • Avatar for idiotsdream
    So take me far away now...

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