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KSU is a Polish punk rock band from Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland. The band was founded in 1977 by Bogdan "Bohun" Augustyn (saxophone, vocals), Eugeniusz "Siczka" Olejarczyk (guitar), Leszek "Plaster" Tomkow (bass guitar), Waldemar "Burek" Kuzianik (drums) and Wojciech "Ptyś" Bodurkiewicz (keyboard). In 1978 they name themselves as "KSU" which comes from beginning of car plates in Ustrzyki Dolne.

Their first longplay - "Pod prąd" - was released in 1988, since that time the crew has changed a couple of times. KSU has released 10 official albums and over 30 unofficial releases and bootlegs are known. During entire time of its existence the crew has changed many times. Current members are:
Eugeniusz "Siczka" Olejarczyk (vocals, guitar), Jarosław "Jasiu" Kidawa (guitar), Paweł "Kojak" Gawlik (bass guitar), Leszek "Dziaro" Dziarek (drums).

Most known KSU songs are: "1940", "Liban", "Ustrzyki", "Jabol Punk", "Moje Bieszczady", "Nocne kroki", "Wielki koniec".

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