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  • Avatar for NSAyven
    Never heard a better intro.
  • Avatar for ChemicalMusicia
    The best song of KMFDM in my opinion! Powerful and great *_*
  • Avatar for djskellington
    Gorgo - we should replace your pic with a toolbox.
  • Avatar for psicom
    Amazing live!
  • Avatar for Gorgo_Mutt
    Should replace Bush's voice with Bamas
  • Avatar for chicagonpg
    War song with Bush's voice go figure
  • Avatar for denniskonstanty
    atze1965, I thought it was more and faster? This is good but I still prefer old school KMFDM.
  • Avatar for atze1965
    please more and loud!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Ferquen
    sooo goood!!
  • Avatar for buhog69
    WWIII. Who will win?
  • Avatar for vivinox
    Banjo intro heavily inspired by Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin, III, 1971...)
  • Avatar for r-culpi
  • Avatar for kwr1983
    Hmmm... WW3 sounds like its gonna be a real fun time.
  • Avatar for LOSTFREEQ
    very good
  • Avatar for doctorjmo
    thank u!!
  • Avatar for virtual_flesh
  • Avatar for john_dillenger
  • Avatar for sirenetta65
    Great !!!
  • Avatar for Forgotten187
    Meh, the old stuff is way better.
  • Avatar for PayBoneBack
    if I could only get my heart rate up to this bpm . . . . world peace? . . . armegeddon?
  • Avatar for m464k1
    WWIII: Introduction - Phase 3 just now, you know.
  • Avatar for doctorjmo
    o yes!! thank u!!
  • Avatar for Obsequey4
  • Avatar for lorendefect
    Kill mutha fucking Depeche mode
  • Avatar for fwc67
    The music is comparable to rammstein but the voice isnt as good.
  • Avatar for angryogre
    Yeah, this rocks. Hear it. Live it. KMFDM forever sucks.
  • Avatar for Lucas_NIN
    This is amazing. F**k Rammstein , this is INDUSTRIAL METAL.. I wish there's moden bands like this.
  • Avatar for Unod
    Does anyone know what the banjo part at the beginning is from? It sounds really familiar and I know I heard it before 2004.
  • Avatar for popletoo
    WWIII !!!!!!
  • Avatar for sinawae
    they always seem to be hit or miss with me. GREAT TRACK!!
  • Avatar for psychomsnik
    FInally, this is great!!
  • Avatar for mcrawford42
    Laser Show
  • Avatar for NoooFun
    Ultra heavy beat!
  • Avatar for LOSTFREEQ
    damn good
  • Avatar for WTF_247
    praise jesus for war!
  • Avatar for prime1128
    @SeduceTheWeak, thanks. :-)
  • Avatar for SeduceTheWeak
    I think he is saying Brittany, as in Brittany Spears, not Billy Corgan.
  • Avatar for prime1128
    Also is it Tim Skold doing the vocals on this one?
  • Avatar for prime1128
    When he says "Billy, Christina and Eminem" is he referring to Billy Corgan? I love Smashing Pumpkins! And KMFDM... Don't make me choose because I'll choose Billy every time.
  • Avatar for Jongusmoe
    amazing song, even more amazing live, but why oh why is this number 1? :(
  • Avatar for Corey6794
    "But as long as it takes, We will prevail"
  • Avatar for 78dave87
    Sehr gut!
  • Avatar for wump242
    genau...voll auf die Fresse...
  • Avatar for Achtungmiche
    1 of my fave songs by them. A little disappointing live though. :/
  • Avatar for Voidhawk777
    very good !
  • Avatar for DaNiVillainous
    WWIII! WWIII! Be all that you can be!
  • Avatar for Sotamuumi
    The lyrics make me shake, and in a good way
  • Avatar for pakratt866
  • Avatar for Skullbomb
    I love how hard KMFDM got
  • Avatar for ViolettaMayfair
    Never heard of them before, now i can't stop!


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