• Still can't believe they didn't use the obvious number pun

    26 Apr 2009, 23:02 by angeoria

    Originally, I wasn't going to write this entry. Observe:

    EMILY: I was contemplating journaling about the new KAT-TUN album, because that seems to be what I do lately, but I'm not sure I actually have thoughts that don't fall into the categories "Wow, I really like the instrumentation, but I foresee the most emo performance ever, possibly with like, violin-playing vampires," or "I really wish Koki wouldn't sing," or "I seem to have listened to this song but I don't remember a single thing about it."
    FRIEND: So what's stopping you?

    As you can see, this really isn't my fault.

    I've already discussed One Drop and RESCUE, and DON'T U EVER STOP came out so long ago that I don't have much to say beyond "nice KAT-TUN-esque dance track" and "what was going on in that PV, seriously, with the freaky gaijin?" so we'll skip over the singles. (Belatedly, it just occurred to me that White X'mas was also a single…