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  1. Infinity of Sound

  2. Stone Jazz is a crossover jazz ensemble from South Korea.

  3. see Kang Eun Il

  4. Lee Eura / 이유라, is a haegeum player. She is also involved with Ee-hyon-eui-nong, a gathering of Haegeum performers which began in 1997. This…

  5. Sorea / 소리아 started with five members in 2005 and utilizes Korean instruments (e.g. haegeum, gayageum).
    Their tracks are on soundtracks for…

  6. Kim Era (김애라) or Kim Ae Ra is a haegeum / Hye-Gum (해금, Korean Fiddle) player and 'New Age''Crossover" musician.

  7. Infinity of Sound

  8. Infinity of Sound

  9. 꽃별

  10. see also Stone Jazz

  11. I.S. (아이에스), which stands for Infinity of Sound, is a Korean fusion trio consisting of triplet sisters composing songs mixing contemporary elements…

  12. Infinity of Sound

  13. see also Kang Eun Il

  14. see SOREA

  15. see 정수년

  16. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  17. see Chocolate + third album of Chocolate

  18. Ccotbyeol / Kkotbyeol / 꽃별, born 1980, is a haegeum player from Korea.

    Yellow butterfly
    Fly fly fly
    Star garden
    Small flowers


  19. There are 2 artists with this name.

    1) Yuria is a 3 member group which play instruments: haegeum, gayageum.

    2) Yuria is a solo female vocalist born…


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