• Weekend adventures

    3 May 2006, 23:58 by talisto

    The warm weather seems to have finally arrived here in Vancouver, the skies are clear blue and the short-sleeves have been donned. And thus, the weekend adventures have begun.

    Wednesday night (April 26th) I went to see Montreal-based indie rockers The Stills (w/ opening act The Diaboleros) at Richards. They played a tight (albeit rather short) set, mostly consisting of tracks from their new album being released this week, Without Feathers, which they mentioned between practically every song (yes, we get it, guys.. new album.. check). I bought a T-shirt to commemorate the event, had one more beer, then went home (hey, I had to work the next day!).

    Friday night (April 28th) we opted for a breakbeat show, featuring New Zealand-native DJ Freq Nasty and opening act K-Swing (who is a protege of Adam Freeland), both of whom played fantastic sets. Freq has the craziest head of dreadlocks I've ever seen, which he let fly while grooving to his killer breaks. …