• Zealotism: When intelligence dissapears

    27 May 2008, 14:08 by hellfire205

    Hello, this is my first journal.

    Today morning I was eating a delicious sandwich while I was reading some bullshit in pages like Cryptopsy, Scarlett Johansson, Honor and Mexico's shoutbox when I saw something in the TV that pissed the shit out of me and made me bite my cheeck, a stupid zealot said that videogames are Satan creations, son of a bitch, where do these fucking idiots come from? Are they some kind of experiment made of shit, vomit and other radioactive thing? I really hate sharing my oxygen with those douchebags. That stuff made me write this thing, a friend wrote something similar in the past from which he received too much bullshit but he just lol'd at them.

    A zealot is a normal looking person, the only difference is that its brain mass was replaced with shit somehow.

    In their childhood, these idiots instead of searching innovative ways to look their girlfriend's underwear, they spend their time learning Bible verses, dreaming about being one of Jesus disciples or writing a psalm haha what a joke. …
  • Latin Billboard, 8 December 2007

    15 Dec 2007, 09:46 by latinonl

    He's still sticking to his number 1 position. For 11 weeks he has been there, and seems far from giving up, Juanesis still hanging on there with "me Enamora"!

    Same for the numbers two, in waiting position are Wisin & Yandel with "Sexy Movimiento".

    Juan Luis Guerra & 440 are opening the attack. Up from 8 to 3, the greatest gainers of the week, with "La Travesia".

    It means that Vicente Fernandez has to take a step back. From 3 down to 4 with Ëstos celos".

    Enrique Iglesias is holding on to his position at 5 with Älguien Soy Yo".

    Casa De Leones up one place this week again from 7 to 6, with "no Te Veo".

    Down 3 places, from 4 to 7, in their 43rd week now (almost a year!), are Aventura with their song "Mi Corazoncito".

    Grupo Montez de Durango went all the way from 14 to number 8 this week, with their hit "Lagrimas Del Corazon".

    In their fifth week, climbing from 17 to 9 in the top 10…
  • Kinda Hard. . ."Artists you find yourself listening to more often" survey

    5 Oct 2006, 17:53 by RicanKendoka09

    Found this randomly on someone else's journal entry. Looked like fun.
    Screw your favourite artist survey-we can clearly see your favourite artists on your profile! So this survey is just for you to analyze which artists you seem to be listening to more often. That means, for each letter, who is the artist/group that you listen the most at this present time.

    If you truly are a fan of your favourite artist/group, they should be listened to recently. If not...get back on track!!

    (By the way, if you have any asian artists, they should fall under their LAST name, like Ayumi Hamasaki should be under H not A.)

    A - あぁ!/Angie Martinez
    B - Blues Traveler/美勇伝
    C - Common
    D - Dandy Warhols
    E - Hmm, probablyE-40 or if not 11WATER
    F - Foxy Shazam!, my iPod is constantly playing their songs!
    G - Gam. That's sad cause I hate Mikitty. Then again I also play a lot of Gnarls Barkley too.
    H - H.P.オールスターズ & 本多RuRu
    I - Interpol & 石川梨華