• Pi-Arrrgh-ates!

    19 Apr 2009, 04:36 by sherpa78

    The most recent K'Naan album , Troubadour, brought me back to rap music. I'd
    had a hiatus from the genre for many years. There's only so much Souljah Boy I
    could stand. Plus, I definitely could not do the dance.

    Then I heard K'Naan on, of all places, NPR. His life story is like something
    out of Hollywood. K'Naan escaped the violence of Mogadishu as a teen,
    although not leaving unscathed by emotional and mental turmoil, immigrating to
    Canada. In the safety of his adopted country, K'Naan was able to hone his
    lyrical and vocal skills and successfully spread awareness of his homeland
    through his art. It's a quintessential American Canadian story.

    For the past couple of weeks, the news media has had a feeding frenzy over
    the hijacking of the US-flagged freighter, Maersk Alabama, by Somali pirates.
    Immediately, my thoughts went to the song "Somalia" on "Troubadour":

    "So what you know 'bout the pirates terrorize the ocean/To…
  • K'naan STORMED through New York City like a rockstar at SOB's

    26 Feb 2009, 19:36 by 2Serenity

    Reprinted from my MOG account:

    Wed 25 Feb – K'naan

    Last night, I went to a performance at New York City's S.O.B.'s of the Somalian hip hop star K'naan. He commanded the stage like he was singing and rapping as soon as he left his mother's womb.

    If you are not familiar with K'naan's music please BUY his first album, "The Dusty Foot Philosopher" and buy his new album, "Troubadour." He performed songs from both, and I was pleasantly surprised with my senile self that I knew the majority of the songs that he performed last night. I even sang along to them.

    At the New York City performance we had a surprise guest!! Chubb Rock! Remember him? The Chubbster! OMG - I almost passed out but then I should not have because Chubb Rock performs with K'naan on his song, "ABCs" which can be BOUGHT from iTunes or shoot buy the entire album. …