• Free Noize / IDM VA's @ Connexion Bizzare

    7 May 2009, 17:38 by per_automatik

    Free Rhythmic Noise Recommendations announce:

    All this albums is free to download at : http://www.connexionbizarre.net/releases.htm

    You Are Here: a Compilation of Illinois Electronics

    Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of Illinois Electronics'

    01. royb0t - XOR
    02. CCDM - Dirsh Birdies (Hell Cry)
    03. Polyfuse - Falling Failing Flying Dying
    04. Aphorism - What We See Now
    05. The Deep Element - Fl_o
    06. Aeop - A137
    07. The Great Mundane - The Squid and the Tiger
    08. Mercury Effect - Somatic Vacancy
    09. sen_tasi - Imp2
    10. Emulsion - Metaprogramming
    11. Millipede - Concevoir
    12. Justin McGrath - The Night That Laid Still


    You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2)

    Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2)'

    01. Manufactura - Live By The Knife, Die By The Knife (Shiv Mix by Lucidstatic)
  • TYMPANIK AUDIO - why i love this really cool label!!!

    2 Jun 2008, 13:39 by purplevelvet


    well i have been meaning to write about this for a long time now, i gotta admit, i have fallen head over heels in love with this cool label: TYMPANIK AUDIO.

    ever since my beloved SUBLIGHT RECORDS was no longer, i have been carrying a void in my musical heart, hoping to fill this emptiness one day.

    then i came across this compilation:

    Various Artists - Emerging Organisms Compilation [TA001]


    which made me discover such exciting artists as:

    Freeze Etch
    Justin McGrath*
    Totakeke (which has since become my most played artist lately!) ;DDD

    since then more excellent cds have followed (which i have started to collect all):

    Unterm Rad - The Rake's Progress [TA002]
    Totakeke - eLekatota - The Other Side... [TA003]
    Subheim - Approach [TA004]
    Disharmony - Cloned: Other Side Of Evolution [TA005]
    Ad·ver·sary - Bone Music [TA006]
    Flint Glass - Circumsounds [TA007]
    Pneumatic Detach - [ko·mor·bid] [TA009]
  • More about TZOLK'IN....

    11 Apr 2008, 14:24 by purplevelvet

    i found the following article this morning on side line magazine (link given below), which i have added here (in case the link does not work for some people).

    i found it of particular interest, since i recently went to elektroanschlag in altenburg where i had the opportunity to see them play live and which i enjoyed very much indeed! (http://www.last.fm/event/390775)

    Tzolk'in - The cinematographic power of Tzolk'in... (By Stéphane Froidcoeur)

    Side-projects and collaborations between different projects became quite popular in the industrial scene. A couple of years ago now Gwenn Trémorin (from Flint Glass and owner of Brume Records) and Sal-Ocin (Empusae, This Morn'Omina) joined forces to set up the conceptual Tzolk'In project. It resulted in the debut-cd "Tzolk'In" released in 2004 on the French label Divine Comedy. The project started to make live performances and the enthusiastic response incited them to join back forces again to compose a new album. …