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  • Avatar for futurolvidado
    A Great voice indeed.[3]
  • Avatar for justinmk
    I was named after Mr. Hayward
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    Spotify playlist: [url=]Classic Rock[/url]
  • Avatar for songfactslastfm
    The legendary Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues tells us the stories behind "Question," "Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," explains why he thinks the Blues were at their best in the 1980s, and reveals which cover of “Nights In White Satin” made him “burst into tears” (in a good way):
  • Avatar for tparks9243
    Love It!
  • Avatar for Mod7Psyche
    A Great voice indeed. [2]
  • Avatar for headgear56
    Simply the best.
  • Avatar for underfated
    cannot understand how this man is not in the rock and roll hall of fame. one of the best voices ever
  • Avatar for aybesea69
    Wonderful voice and songwriting.
  • Avatar for kato1984
    A Great voice indeed.
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    It's a shame "Nostradamus" should be placed higher in the top tracks list (number two would be about right, can't touch "forever autumn")
  • Avatar for RoeieKlied
    My first love, and not just his music... ;-)
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Just to say that I have the a virus or food poisoning, need to rest for another 24 hours, feel really grotty !!! Thats why I could not compose my shouts etc last night. Hope you understand. Having hot sweats, ooh !!! I still loves ya......XxXx .. You really do move mountains!!!! Will have a bath later. Trying to sleep now. Will be back tonight. ("Shak'in all over !!!!! ) All my love Angie. #~# K.
  • Avatar for proudmary56
    Forgive me time,has beatrn me once again... I wish I could play Celtic Heart on repeat all night...... Godbless... Please look after yourselves.....until tomorrow.....
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    I have always loved this heart rendering song,made popular by Don McClean. Justins interpretation is also heart felt,and deeply moving."This world was never made for one as beautiful as you"......
  • Avatar for Muldwych
    Aside from all the brilliance Justin has brought to The Moody Blues, I would also like to mention 'Still Waters Run Deep' from Rick Wakeman's 'Return To The Centre Of The Earth' album and the theme to 'Star Cops' as examples of his brilliance. The 'Star Cops' theme seems to be much maligned, but I really like it myself.
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    I will "Go Now"..... Heed my words, I need ro rest...... We are destroying each other.....I never wanted to really hurt you... I continue to.....dont I. Nobody, will make me feel the way you have... A broken woman.......One lonely single bed, one lonely room,one lonely Mother Earth........My God I needed you... I suppose I always will..J'taime...Moi......XXxx.}{.
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Once upon a time I believed the dream, my voice, now I feel I really heard time for the future,I believe, has now passed me by.... Thanks for the beautiful memories........You will be able to move on... My love remains rhe same..... I go weak...I feel weak.. Someone, like you,will hopefully be out there, one day, for me.....Angelina56. Mary, Quite Contrary, Angelina Ballerina....Karen...Angie.K.}{.XXXX~~~####.*****..*
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    I have blood on my hands........
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Non I have had enough.......
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Thanks for nothing, user, It,s a shame...the way.......!!!
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    I dont really know, ir's just a gut feeling,that burns from within my groins...Excuse me.....
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Stormbringer.........Exciting though.....Luv this track.......
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Feeling Broody...A lirrle frightened....See you soon......
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Hit a lot of bum notes. My shouts are all for the wrong artists and songs now....Oops Oh Dear........Soz....
  • Avatar for Angelina56
    Ooh Pooh...Forever Turncoat.......O.K....Sweetie......Missing you......Signed Toulouse Le Trek! Deliberate typing error by the way... Encore Si'l Vous Platt,and againXXxx}{.~~~####.
  • Avatar for psycheskaos
    Justin is one of the few singers that make me goosebump. A rare voice is his. I wonder why he never gets recognition,but then again true gifts like his need no recognition.
  • Avatar for mouldymary11
    I only loved The Celtic songsters work!!!! With a passion felt for the beauty bestowed upon a magical relationship of old between you and I. The sands of time have strengthened our bond , putting us to the test, dont scorn me, please. Iworship this maestro, its you thats my songster.. I need your body next to mine.. Your arms around me, only you. I want to kiss your lips, to run my fingers through your hair. To caress your heavenly body. Believe me , my one and only, Romeo.....
  • Avatar for mouldymary11
    I ca remember going up on the stage with Lonnie Donnigan at a very , very, early age. He held my hand, and said how pretty I was, doll like. It has always remained with me. Blackbird gives hope to all the restless spirits ou there. Go, fly away. It's your life after aa..!!!! S o serene and gentile is this sweet songbird....
  • Avatar for speculativism
    Like Science Fiction Music? New group:
  • Avatar for IGGY51
    I really love this song!!!
  • Avatar for Shanarra
    I just adore Justin, He is such a wonderful guitar player and singer. Love this version of Forever Autumn. I haven't heard this version before. I like it.
  • Avatar for genrig
    Wunderschön,zum dahinschmelzen
  • Avatar for StudioElectro
    Saved by the music... literally
  • Avatar for x_ecliptica_x
    Justin is such a legend.
  • Avatar for topl
    I saw Justin at Nottingham last week performing in War Of The Worlds. Its says much for the man that he would do this tour where he has just a couple of songs...he sings them so well too..well done Mr Hayward!
  • Avatar for flowerjewel77
    Justin Hayward is one of my greatest idols and an inspiration for so much of my own writing. His music takes me both inward and upward. A legend. A master!
  • Avatar for Silentist
    Very profound poetry in music and his rhyming is one of the best of our times!
  • Avatar for ULLAdubULLA
    I love Justin :D
  • Avatar for dharmabum38
    justin = brilliance.
  • Avatar for thechameleonnn
    Empty shoutbox?! Say what? Justin is amazing.

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