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Just A Man

Who am I ?

I am the sum of my own experiences. I am the result of my own decisions. I am the owner of my own fate.

But it may not be quite so…

The world is like a chessboard. There are queens and kings, fools and castles…and there are pawns. Pawns that are usually sacrificed for the “higher” purpose.

I don’t want to be sacrificed. I don’t want to sacrifice myself unless it’s a cause i believe in. And right now, I believe in my own cause. My cause is to be myself.

I’m not trying to change the game or the rules, because it’s impossible. I just want to show what one pawn can do by itself with one of so many means of expression: music. I’m gonna have fun, either being cynical, or happy, or sad, or anything and everything else.

This is not a statement, it’s just a feeling. I am JUSTAPAWN

Just like you.

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