• New Release! Jurek Przezdzeicki - Grotesque Song EP!

    3 Sep 2009, 09:58 by ChrisDiz

    With releases already on Cocoon and Trapez, Warsaw born Jurek Przezdziecki is going from strength to strength on the scene.

    His unique sound and top class production is nicely exhibited here on his debut release for Living Records. The title track, grotesque song, is an exuberant, edgy number with lush, bouncy bass nicely counterpointed with stabby, harsh yet beautiful synths and engaging melodic elements. Like Something is deeper and crisper while maintaining a good dancefloor energy about it. The wiggy, rubbery bassline is fantastic - I just can't get enough of it and the dubby FX set it off nicely. Leafless Arboretum is a dramatic cut with moody, melodic, echoing synth stabs cutting edge sound design textures and an insistent bassline. Lovely stuff. Absolutely Nothing is a real BONUS of a track with a classic tracky feel, loopy bassline and rather quite odd and stunningly effected vocals - indeed, all contact with the flowers is forbidden!