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  • Avatar for malhateg
    Their lyrics have such a subtle and eerie occult tone, it's breathtaking.
  • Avatar for Partisane
    Really looking forward to their next record, they'll be heading to the studio soon.
  • Avatar for stefan86
    would it be post-hoodie if he started playing without it?
  • Avatar for eternal_absence
    hoodie rock (2) haha true
  • Avatar for Signaltree
    hoodie rock
  • Avatar for slayerwilllive
    i came, thanks
  • Avatar for JohnLateralus If you like Post-Rock/Metal, you will probably dig this album my roommate just released!!
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    junius > sex
  • Avatar for Xenoptys
    fucking awesome band
  • Avatar for Vreath
    They are live so much better, the lights and atmosphere they are able to produce is breathtaking.
  • Avatar for NanCipriano
    still waiting for the third full lenght release
  • Avatar for malhateg
    So goddamn beautiful. Wish I've discovered them earlier.
  • Avatar for AtmosphericPhil
    I like how they named themselves after the anonymous polecmicist Junius, who lived in the eighteenth century.
  • Avatar for kamooo
    very underrated band
  • Avatar for antoniopedromp
    Days of the Fallen Sun is actually good, but I couldn't enjoy it more because of the terrible, TERRIBLE mixing. It just not fits in my ears, the sounds of the instruments are so out of place.
  • Avatar for meolnir
    @veitie: blueneck. "the fallen host" by blueneck might fit perfectly to your need for atmospheric and apocalyptic music.. it's the heaviest one by blueneck and has a cathartic effect on my emotions. besides, all stuff by this band is highly recommended!
  • Avatar for Serja
    2Veitie: Constants
  • Avatar for Veitie
    Do you guys know any similar band like Junius, making such atmospheric and apocalyptic music? Diggin' that new EP!
  • Avatar for eternalgenesis
    The vocalist is kind of annoying but they're pretty good
  • Avatar for meolnir
    if the band's concept beyond "the martyrdom of a catastrophist" is at least close to my ideas and interpretations concerning this album, than it's one of the most brilliant and saddest albums of all time for me.....
  • Avatar for AlexandraMaya
    guys make so cool music!!!
  • Avatar for leptibiscuit
  • Avatar for macbeth_goth
    my Days of the Fallen Sun [url=]review[/url]
  • Avatar for Rusudxc
    Forgiving the Cleansing Meteor is a divine song, sooo much emotion! <3
  • Avatar for huiva
    Hi all. Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • Avatar for Electric__Frost
    The song A Dark Day With Night makes me think of the story Nightfall by Isaac Asimov. It's not just the obvious notion of darkness but the feeling of inpending catastrophe and the madness that ensues. Has anyone else read the story and felt a connection?
  • Avatar for FuckingJens666
    Days of the Fallen Sun is so incredibly beautiful and addictive. Jesus christ!
  • Avatar for noisemo
    @Bogatzke just got my copy today, it's beautiful.
  • Avatar for SarahSelas
    new EP is really, REALLY good
  • Avatar for Bogatzke
  • Avatar for kum_harris
    С каждым разом все лучше, молодцы!!!!
  • Avatar for Anthraxl
  • Avatar for simpleisbliss88
    new ep is a great follow up for these guys. I thought Reports was lacking a little something, but every song on Days of the Fallen Sun is good.
  • Avatar for DonCappuccino That was my first reaction after listening to Days Of The Fallen Sun. It was my first encounter with the band and I absolutely loved it! These guys know how to write cinematic and melancholic metal with a dreamy edge to it! :D
  • Avatar for Octopus_Hunter
    The new EP is fucking amazing.Couldn't expect less from this band.
  • Avatar for Octopus_Hunter
  • Avatar for noisemo
    oh I can't wait.
  • Avatar for Octopus_Hunter
  • Avatar for Electric__Frost
    I don't hear the resemblance to Katatonia. The mood, not to mention the music, is totally dissimilar.
  • Avatar for pure_s0ul
    still my favorite band, also in 2013. all albums are so good, can't describe, music for my funeral.
  • Avatar for staind25
    First time listening. Reminds me a lot of Katatonia...mostly the singer and guitars.
  • Avatar for soffysoffy
  • Avatar for AsILayDying174
    perfect <3
  • Avatar for Wichssocke
    love <3
  • Avatar for Pace_of_ossify
    GODDAMN this cover,
  • Avatar for Octopus_Hunter (no hoodies,old one)
  • Avatar for kum_harris
    да,да, хочется нового альбома уже
  • Avatar for dawnclover
    Birth Rites by Torchlight is still one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life.
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    killed it tonight @ the rhythm room! <3
  • Avatar for volkynas
    братюни хватит вошкаться по турне - пишите альбом новый


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