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There are two bands called Jumble.

1) JUMBLE was formed in Menlo Park, California in 2007, releasing their debut album "Glass Half ____ A) Full B) Empty C) Other" in June 2009. Webster defines jumble as “to move in a confused or disorganized manner” but the band does anything but, with a sound that is at once familiar and surprisingly tough to pin down. JUMBLE's Lucius James (guitars, vocals) and Derek Cooper (guitars, bass, drums) write songs with crisp guitar-centered arrangements, intelligent lyrics, and catchy melodic hooks. There are only occasional fireworks and little harmonic discord, but the songs creep up on the listener slyly with depth and irony camouflaged under a canopy of layered guitars and harmony vocals.
<p> Additional tracks and the JUMBLog can be found at their official website,

and …

2) DJ dance electronica/house drumbeats

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