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  • Sean agrees.
  • Awesome 80's!!! :-)
  • julian > sean [2]
  • julian > sean
  • GNT é a copia do pai, como pode
  • Saltwater - a classic song that let's him emerge from the shadow of his father and stand in his own right as a singer songwriter
  • beautiful song,i like Julian voice:-)
  • Passa longe do pai
  • Very happy that this guy is a talent, and more than just the kid of, arguably, pop's greatest musician.
  • Happy Birthday Julian.. :-)
  • Amazing
  • Not to me, not anymore. Keep listening. He's his own person/musician.
  • It's funny how much alike Julian is with his dad..
  • sounds just like john
  • He is the voice of John lennon .. incredible [2]
  • shit
  • He is the voice of John lennon .. incredible
  • so underrated...
  • I hear he once finished third in a John Lennon lookalike competition.
  • Great....Like Father Like Son....
  • Hey Jude ♥ :)
  • and his MAMMY CYN :):):):)I HATE yoko
  • JULIAN <333333333ILOVE HIM MORE THAN sean !
  • I wish you would make more music. Great talent
  • aww it's jude c:
  • Looove Jules~^^
  • Hey jude! how are you?
  • Brilliant mind, music and art! I love "Take Me Home" so much : )
  • Happy Birthday Julian :-)
  • "Saltwater" is an immaculate tune.
  • Who said Lennon's dead?
  • I got to see Julian twice in the 80's. He was great. He has so talent of his own.When does sing he does sound like his father. I love to listen to Julian sing.I am glad he had Paul when was young to look after him . Thing were so mixed up for him when he growing up. His mom was by his side all the time. They so close it's wonderful!!!!Cyn is a wonderful mom.
  • Julian always he was chasing his father for his love when he was little. It's a shame that John's life was gone before Julian could see his father again. He had so much to say and never got to tell him. That's sad!!!
  • Everything Changes !
  • I seriously don't hear the similarity to Paul that people are stating. John Lennon wrote tons of melodic/ballady songs so that doesn't figure for me. He has a voice eerily similar to his father, not Paul. And Julian's talent is absolutely his own, but there John's genes are also absolutely involved in that as well- same for Sean. They're both just too good and that'd be too coincidental so I'm attributing part of it to the fact that their father was a freakin' genius.
  • Hey Jules!
  • Hey Jules!
  • he is more his mother than john
  • He's a great man (no exaggeration)
  • Hey jude ♥
  • what a luck I' ve found Julian. His songs are so sincere. ANd he is just adorable as a person - as a child and as a grown-up.
  • Well ... Paul was like his father. I love John, but I can't forgive him that he didn't have time for his children.
  • hey Jude ;D
  • He needs more listeners!
  • Great music :)
  • One of the important reasons I'm glad I listen to the Beatles is the fact that it caused me to discover Julian. He has a unique style and I wish people wouldn't compare him to John. =/ I can't wait for the new album!
  • haha, maybe he's a paul's son?
  • amazing how I reckon he sounds more like Paul than his dad ... just listen to Too Late For Goodbyes


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