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"In the summer of 1990, I had a vision of the world. In that vision I saw the Mother Earth - an enormous goddess standing upright and proud, but throwing her head back in pain and confusion at the treatment that Mankind has chosen to mete out to her. The goddess's hair was the wind around the world and her left arm was outstretched, the moon spinning on the index finger of her left hand. She was bruised from chemical dumping, and her expression one of ecstatic and religious/spiritual sadness. There were rays of blazing light piercing the centre of her cranium as the ozone hole causes sunlight to pierce the North Pole. This classic mythical image of "enlightenment" of the soul ironically mirrored the supposed death of the world through the Greenhouse Effect. It was a beautiful and absurd double-edged sword. This enormous Mother Earth was standing at the very edge of the highest cliff of Infinity - and was about to leap off … I had to make this record about the crazy situation. Nowadays I call Mother Earth "Peggy Suicide"."

- Julian Cope

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