• Catching up on album reviews

    14 Jan 2009, 23:21 by nullitum

    I listened to more new (and new to me) albums in 2008 than I have ever before. It was also a year of the strangest genres I've ever explored. I have lots of new favorites. Here's my thoughts on the last several batches of albums I checked out:

    Oceansize - Everyone Into Position: 7 : Nice progressive soaring rock. Biggest detriment for me is the mushy structure. Rhythms and melody are indeed there, but it's often hard to find the backbone. I'm not against songs being free flowing, but I think Oceansize is a bit too ordinary sounding to pull this off really well. Still, the music is pleasing and pretty memorable.

    Oceansize - Frames: 6 : The lesser of these two. Similar music as before, but they've pushed the structures further into progressive territory and played with some less pleasing melodies. I think they are better as a straightforward rock group and thus this album was pretty forgettable.

    Ken Andrews - Secrets of the Lost Satellite: 6 : Ken Andrews has such a unique…