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Julee Cruise

Into the Night (4:42)


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  • Amazing song <3
  • Wonderful.
  • lOve.
  • The video is unbelievable.
  • ~now it's dark..............
  • The vid is fuckin awesome
  • eerie but somehow at 2am it's really a nice relaxing thing to listen to. *looks around nervously*[2] same
  • oh god i love it so fucking much i cant even
  • ♥♥♥
  • now its dark
  • So beautiful and eerie. I love it.
  • eerie but somehow at 2am it's really a nice relaxing thing to listen to. *looks around nervously*
  • classic, mysteriuos, sad and beautiful. (2) genial
  • I'm surprised this is not tagged as 'dark ambient', oh wait it is, lawl.
  • Beautiful song... <3
  • That orchestral crescendo at the end = ORGASMIC
  • "Now it's dark" -- I just realized that Frank Booth says this line a couple times in Blue Velvet.
  • definitely takes you back to twin peaks. would love to put this on a sleep mix, but there's that one bit in the middle...
  • classic, mysteriuos, sad and beautiful.
  • never endin magic
  • a song from the memory...so dark..
  • "So dark"...
  • great song, along with 'under the sycamore trees' puts me instantly in a magical dream state. twin peaks is the best TV show ever made :D
  • lol @ y control...We had a sleep mix on two sides of a casette. This was on it, and yes that bit always jolted us back into conciousness =-)
  • She got mad at David because they were only using her for doing music for his films so they separated, later she called David and apologized.
  • I first listened to this while drifting off to sleep and when 3:29 came around I jumped and nearly peed myself. That bit is so random and unexpected.
  • I love the bit that makes you jump ..every time!
  • night so dark..where are you?
  • I dig it
  • old bitch
  • what does Julee cruise have to do w/ American Idol??? I'm confused.
  • Nice.
  • So dark indeed.
  • Bela fusão.
  • so dark...
  • Nocturnal
  • where are you? come back to my heart, so dark....
  • Why did they stop? Reach musical zen perfection... do more, don't stop. Utter disgrace to not give us more.
  • looove it....
  • I'd hardly say that American Idol winners become stars. Most of them actually fade into obscurity quickly after season's end to everyone but the people who still fret about whether or not Myley Cyrus is a good influence for little girls. But ya, this is a good tune.
  • +++ nice
  • Absoulutely stunning. So...dark...
  • American Idol winners become huge stars. Having an awesome voice and making music that sounds different from everything else is not a good formula for stardom.
  • why is'nt she a huge star ?

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