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  • Avatar for The Creed
    The ultimate heavy metal album.
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Rob's voice in best shape, razorblade sharp guitar tracks, awesome drumming... I can't remember how often I've listenend to this epic output. A piece of musical history...
  • Avatar for Gentuchan
    This album change my life
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia z Polski
  • Avatar for eric_montana
    When I was 16, I was stoned, listening to this album in bed I hallucinated and saw hell with the beast himself on my ceiling. One of the best albums of all time.
  • Avatar for L57NT
    Don't like this one. It has somewhat thrashy feel here and here, that works pretty bad in this particular case and ruins traditional heavy metal aesthetics for me. It's instantly clear upon hearing that Painkiller was released in 1990 or so, under the influence of latter-day metal fashions, even if these influences are rather minor after all. This album is not bad by any means, but I prefer '76-'84 stuff over this every day.
  • Avatar for vikosinka
    flawless album
  • Avatar for METALMASTIL
  • Avatar for Piotr1981
    Few albums have made such an impression on me from the first spin \m/
  • Avatar for nargoman
    My favourite Priest album. No bad tracks, just pure awesomeness. Perfection.
  • Avatar for Schnedlit
    Flawless Album!!!
  • Avatar for Peace_Sells86
    Second favourite album of theirs. The true definition of metallic genius.
  • Avatar for onlycharles
    Isn't the best but it's the second! xD
  • Avatar for nicolasbj
    best heavy metal album EVER.
  • Avatar for Luccas_Fernande
    the best of 90'
  • Avatar for DreamyGirl-
    masterpiece! :)
  • Avatar for spiderferi
    v v WHAT?!?!?!
  • Avatar for althefknamsrtkn
    A foolsgold classic if there ever was one. The 70s albums actually sound heavier because they don't have Painkiller's fake plastic drums, which have no dynamics or weight.
  • Avatar for spiderferi
    too many good songs i can't choose any of them to listen now. fucking masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Colony666
    unlike every other priest album this album is fillerless and bad song-less
  • Avatar for tangerman
    Only good albums by them. :-)
  • Avatar for nargoman
    It's a masterpiece. 'Painkiller', 'A Touch of Evil' and 'Night Crawler' are without any doubt metal classics and all the other songs just perfect them. Also, 'Living Bad Dreams' is one of my favorite metal ballads - the lyrics and Halford's voice is too awesome.
  • Avatar for Luccas_Fernande
    [ENG] Regarded as one of the best albums of the band, was responsible for the "rebirth" of heavy metal in the 90s According to the listing of "Rock with Legends" on youtube.: "On the significance of the letter, after spending years thinking that music was about Armageddon, over a lot of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Fodastico, who arrived getting his ass of humanity, I discovered that the Priest gave an interview for Metal Hammer, saying the music speaks of themselves and Heavy Metal metaphorically! First they describe with striking and exaggerated words, a sort of personification of Heavy Metal, how to say fuck is this musical style (the best of all, in my opinion). After they speak of the resurrection of style, they and other bands were promoting in the early 90s (time qo Metal was wrong of him). " Rock Com Legendas (Rock With Subtitle):
  • Avatar for magesh-g
    Screaming for vengeance is little bit better than this album...
  • Avatar for ossum
    This is simply the epitome of metal.
  • Avatar for ataraxi4
    luve it
  • Avatar for althefknamsrtkn
    Where's the bass guitar?
  • Avatar for DamienCallisto
    Just fucking awesome in every way. Every song is so charging and aggressive. My favorite traditional heavy metal album.
  • Avatar for RiffM4chine
    that fucking cover is so metulz
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
    this is a pure metallic masterpiece of modern 90's era.very cold and agressive album ! [3] not their best indeed. but it sounds amazing.
  • Avatar for ilovemusix
    this is a pure metallic masterpiece of modern 90's era.very cold and agressive album ! (2)
  • Avatar for Sewer007
    Best heavy metal album.
  • Avatar for cauldronborn86
    this is a pure metallic masterpiece of modern 90's era.very cold and agressive album !
  • Avatar for mk741
    I'll happily join the overraters. [2] Painkiller is simply above and beyond any other JP album. Not even a contest for me.
  • Avatar for Maquina_Muerte
    that album cover just smells pure HEAVY FUCKIN METAL
  • Avatar for Metality
    Regardless of how many people praise this album, this shit sounds really, really good to my ears, all around, and as such I fucking love it. Have since I first heard it, and always will. Call it overrated all you want. I'll happily join the overraters.
  • Avatar for duxa226
    it's a great album) my favorite))
  • Avatar for IBrokeTheOath
    I enjoy this but it's quite possibly the most overrated metal album of all time.
  • Avatar for DennisRicley
    Their best
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Fucking Masterpiece!!! \M/
  • Avatar for brOken_juStiCe
    best albom
  • Avatar for RaiqueThrasher
    Not even close of their best stuff, I can tell you at least ten Priest's better albuns, but still a great classic, I love it.
  • Avatar for s4ch1n
    Their best album, no doubt! Screaming and British Steel are awesome but this album has got a more heavy metal appeal to it, so heavy and perfect heavy metal album. Masterpiece!
  • Avatar for silverlage
    I believe we are hearing a true blend of metal and hard rock here...kuowl,,,t7b
  • Avatar for Robesko
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    Excellent album.
  • Avatar for blackdeathrash
    How is this excellent? It is Judas Priest jumping on the late 1980s speed metal bandwagon and doing a very mediocre job of that. Rob halford's singing is hystrionic, tuneless and often so lacking that he needs the producer to help him out, and songs like "A Touch of Evil" are just generic 1980s-styled pop metal tunes. There are few, if any, redeeming qualities to be found.
  • Avatar for LexaStarZ
  • Avatar for iron345
    I really don't see how anyone can believe that this comes even close to the best of their 70s stuff.
  • Avatar for blackdeathrash
    Maybe if you disregard all of their 1970s albums.


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