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Judas Priest are pioneers of the genre, and arguably created the "metal" look. Priest were one of the bands that helped spur the heavy metal genre's evolution by discarding most of its blues influence, and created a "metallic" sound which inspired generations of metal bands to come. Judas Priest were one of the first heavy metal bands and are considered one of the most influential bands in the genre, helping the evolution of speed and thrash metal in… read more

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  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Gayer, softer and cheesier than soft rock.
  • Avatar for bassius
    A lot of riffing on Sad Wings sounds just like Sabbath
  • Avatar for RiffM4chine
    dark_wisdom wins
  • Avatar for L57NT
    In my opinion, the common point of view that Judas Priest were the next evolutionary step to Black Sabbath (that means, in turn, that Black Sabbath were kinda proto-Judas Priest) is complete bullshit. Development of metal music was not a linear one-dimensional process, and these two bands represented two completely different approaches. Black Sabbath were metal and they do not have to sound like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest to be metal. People are trying too hard to unite all pre-thrash stuff under "traditional heavy metal" label and that definitely adds to all this confusion.
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    ...Perhaps this might sound silly (and a little exaggerated) but I like to think it this way: Black Sabbath put the canvas and drawn the sketches, the rest added the colors. Of course I'm not trying to uncredit Judas Priest or other important bands for pioneering metal, but there's too much in favor of Black Sabbath for me to consider any other band as the most influential.
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    "made some occult blues rock towards early 70's and then went full hard rock till late 70's" Sorry but no, I could agree their first album was a darker and heavier form of occult rock/hard rock and not exactly heavy metal but saying albums such as paranoid, master of reality (probably the heaviest album of the 70's) and Vol 4 are not heavy metal sounds like a fallacy to me. Those three albums in particular are the musical definition of heavy metal (tone, riffing, even drumming) and contain the basics of the genre from which later bands (judas priest included) developed it. Some of the things you mention were already done by black sabbath before in those albums: Palm Muted riffs (Paranoid, into the void), dual solos (Iron man). Talking about riffing, I'm conviced Tony Iommy was the inventor of metal riffs, he pretty much prototyped almost all of them in the first 6 albums...
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    v that one's true. Overkill pioneered tremolo picking tho.
  • Avatar for L57NT
    As far as I know the first song that has double bass drumming (in the context of hard rock or heavy metal) is Deep Purple's "Fireball".
  • Avatar for bassius
    Yea they say Overkill has the first double bass pedal use but Exciter came out earlier and sure sounds like double bass drumming to me.
  • Avatar for RiffM4chine
    We all know Manowar are the true mother of all metal

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