• Scoffing molds nark beside me

    28 Jun 2008, 02:01 by RocketShipX41

    Sat 14 Jun – Ourselves Beside Me, Narc, The Scoff, The Mold

    There are a half dozen or more clubs in Beijing where live original local bands play. I’ve written about Star Live, Yugong Yishan, 2 Kolegas, and MAO, so now it’s time for D-22. This place is generally regarded as the center of the creative rock scene, and I finally got there a couple weeks ago.

    It’s located in the Wudaokou area, a part of town that’s home to several universities, most notably Peking University (known as Bei Da for short) and Tsinghua (it’s spelled the old-fashioned way rather than Qinghua). The area is home to many foreign students and teachers, and there are lots of Korean, Japanese, and other restaurants around. Getting there is easy on the subway. I grabbed dinner at a nearby Yunnan style restaurant, but the less said about that the better.

    There were four bands on the bill: Ourselves Beside Me, The Molds, The Scoff, and Nark (or possibly Narks – I’ve seen it both ways). …
  • Mao's other house

    7 Jun 2008, 07:49 by RocketShipX41

    Fri 6 Jun – SUBS, Sko, Fire Balloon, perdel

    It’s been a while since I wrote about a local music show, mainly because I haven’t been to many. I caught a Hedgehog acoustic show at the Stone Boat a few weeks ago, but haven’t posted anything about it. Maybe I’ll get to that eventually. Last night I headed off to the MAO LiveHouse for a multi-band bill that looked pretty promising.

    When I came in the door, the girl taking money pointed out a little sign. It said there was no re-entry to the club once you left, though you would be welcome to purchase another ticket to come back in. Cute. I paid my ¥50 and stayed in.

    I never definitively caught a mention of a name, but I think this is Fire Balloon. I’ll post a correction if I’m wrong. As you can see, they are typical of Beijing bands in one way: it’s a three-piece with a female member.
  • Old habits die hard

    5 Apr 2008, 01:56 by RocketShipX41

    There's a pretty decent music store called Cool Music in the Dongdan area of Beijing. Unlike most shops that sell CDs here, it has a good selection of non-pop Chinese music. Things are more expensive there, though still reasonable by international standards. I stopped in last Saturday, and here's what I ended up with.

    Cheer Chen - A Wonderful Adventure (AKA περιπέτεια or Peripeteia) I wonder why she did the title in Greek, but who am I to question an artist? I know this album is a bit out of the ordinary for her, more produced and orchestrated than her usual singer-songwriter releases, but I picked it for exactly that reason. I tend to like it when an artist stretches out and exhibits some ambition. While some of it verges on being a bit too sweet for my taste, on the whole it's quite charming and enjoyable, and she certainly has a lovely voice.

    Hopscotch (跳房子) - A Wishful Way
    I'd read about this band, but never seen a CD until now. On the first few listens, I like it a lot. …
  • Beijing Pop Festival day one

    9 Sep 2007, 02:21 by RocketShipX41

    Beijing Pop Festival

    My friend and I arrived a little later than I had intended, missing Joyside entirely. At the entrance to Chaoyang Park, we stopped and read the “informational” sign about the festival. I put “informational” in quotes because we learned very little from it aside from getting an idea for what part of the park to head to. You have to purchase a separate park admission (Y5) and then walk quite a distance before getting to the music stages. From the south park entrance, you first come to the smaller stage. You can walk right in without having a ticket, so we caught the last couple songs of New Perfume.

    When they finished we wandered in the direction of the main stage, following the confusing signs. After a bit we came to the “promotion area” where the festival sponsors have booths set up and there was a sign for TICKET OFFICE without an arrow. Probably the most amusing one is for a company that produces canned tuna. Free samples!

  • Concerts in Beijing 2007 Summer

    29 May 2007, 01:45 by sphy

    Some concerts everyone should catch if you're in Beijing this summer ^_^

    May 29th

    Super VC (果味VC), The Catcher In The Rye (麦田守望者), Cake Bomb (蛋糕炸弹), Honey Gun (糖果枪), Sky Band (天空乐队), 风林火山
    May 30th

    The Catcher In The Rye (麦田守望者)
    (June 5th)

    The Glamorous Pharmacy (美好药店)
    June 22nd

    Bunch of shows @ D22, I especially want to see the Casino Demon + Snapline + Car-Sick Cars show on June 30th & the Hedgehog & Joyside show on July 7th...but can't *_^

    any more suggestions welcomed! ^_^
  • JoySide, Reactor and Dead J

    26 Feb 2007, 21:20 by Azchael


    another three artists joined our promotion effort:

    Joyside, a punk band from Beijing, signed to ModernSky presented us three fresh and new songs from their upcoming record.

    Reactor, a hardcore rock band submitted us their demo.

    Dead J, one of the most creative and innovative Chinese electronic DJs send us his song "Down with the IDM".

    Songs are available for download ...

    Rock on!!!
  • Never Mind Jesus, Here's Joyside

    15 Jan 2007, 02:57 by Rhizoma

    December 23rd was a huge show planned in honor of Bianyuan's birthday (the lead singer of Joyside and darling of the Beijing scene). Fuck Christmas, this seemed like a much better excuse to party and more importantly get wasted off our asses! I remember last year's show at Nameless Highland which was officially billed as a Christmas show (I think), and Bianyuan got so drunk he lunged out into the crowd wildly several times--everyone assuming he was moshing while it was apparent to those with a decent view that he was only falling. The set abruptly ended with him passed out behind the drums... the crowd just as drunk. Chaos to be sure!

    This year festivities were planned at D22. A huge night with seven of the best bands in Beijing: Carsick Cars, Casino Demon, Queen Sea Big Shark, Scoff, No Name, the Heart Stealers and, of course, Joyside! The club was packed by the time I arrived and the bands were already getting wasted in the backroom around several bottles of hard liquor. …
  • Post Party Delirium

    5 Jan 2007, 11:25 by Rhizoma

    New Years in Beijing was a blast! The party started on the 22nd and didn't really end until Jan. 3rd when I arrived in Korea wrapped in feverish delirium! Somebody wasn't doing their job at customs because I'm definitely a bio-hazard!

    There was a show on the 22nd which I had to skip because of prior dinner plans. It was held in some sandwich shop walking distance from my house... I'm not sure who else played other than No Name (from Xi'an) but I do know that Liu Hao, the bassist from Joyside, was there and got so drunk he literally smashed his body through the bar... I guess that's the first and last time they'll be a punk show there?

    Soon after I had arrived home No Name returned to my house (I was putting them up for the week) and I got sucked into the drunken revelry. I would list them as one of the top bands in the Chinese scene right now and definitely heading somewhere. They just signed to a German label, Razorblade Music, and will be releasing a new CD this summer (the Chinese distribution will be handled by Modern Sky). …