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  • Avatar for Undergangen
    Without Support deserves a lot more attention
  • Avatar for Alessandra_SS-3
  • Avatar for ALWC
    Having finally heard "Without Support", I have to say the "depressive rock" genre tag doesn't fit it- it isn't depressive at all, IMO. The emotional mood of it to me seems something like one of recovery from the nihilistic, anhedonic emotional state that "Wisdom & Arrogance" depicts, still carrying some baggage but learning to enjoy life again. (This is more or less what the band has said about it in interviews- also note the lyrics to "Puberty & Dreams".) I don't think the band's name really fits them anymore- "Without Support" actually has some real joy in it. (It's also absolutely excellent, one of the best albums I've heard in quite a while.)
  • Avatar for ixiHemlock
    This is not what I want when I put on Urfaust radio
  • Avatar for metaldiscussor
    without support is a great album. I wish there was more of this kind of depressive music that isn't what you would always expect.
  • Avatar for blackdogggy
    Как же круто. Тут такая же родная атмосфера как и в FW, будто это все мой батя сочинил и записал.
  • Avatar for FuzzyxPickles
    weird stuff
  • Avatar for Lyciummusic
    Kakam var.
  • Avatar for ShredsofFlesh
    "Wisdom & Arrogance" is one of those albums that I will never get tired of .
  • Avatar for mowcow666
    surely great music...but totaly disturbing
  • Avatar for RussianVarg
    have a nice fight <3
  • Avatar for ianjulienne
  • Avatar for ianjulienne
    I want more.
  • Avatar for Goatsemen
    I dream of the Swansmile
  • Avatar for Lyciummusic
  • Avatar for Deathblow___
    join the forgotten woods group
  • Avatar for hyp-
    Schon eimal Unlitmed Hate und Curse of the Mankind nacheinander gehört? Dass der Bandname wechselt fällt gar nicht auf.
  • Avatar for BlackSalvation
    ahh, right. Sorry. I thought, joyless (and not forgotten woods) realesed the albums. ;) by the way.. Theo old joyless aren't similar to forgotten woods.
  • Avatar for hyp-
    The old Joyless is called Forgotten Woods. The new album is great, I really enjoy it.
  • Avatar for Veadtuck
    New albums took some listening...but now it totally rules.
  • Avatar for BlackSalvation
    The new stuff is shit. I want the old Joyless back!
  • Avatar for bphillips562
    Unlimited Hate, Wisdom and Arrogance, two of my all time favorite albums... my only complaint is I am subjected to the corpse painted crap they're associated with when I LastFM them! If you like Joyless and not the Forgotten Woods recorded in a tin can crap down the road, then you'll love old Swans, Atrocity and even Devil Doll I imagine....
  • Avatar for anti-tristu
    Everyday is better than the next [3]
  • Avatar for darkscrollz
    Point a gun at my head, Do you think I care? (...))))))))))))) (:
  • Avatar for Lyciummusic
    popo ısırmak
  • Avatar for toreriku
    musically they're all over the place, and their hit-to-miss ratio is uneven at best. oddly though, this is a big part of JOYLESS' appeal to me. there is a uniqueness and earnesty to their jangly, lo-fi pop-driven miserabalism that separates them from most other bands in both the metal camp, as well as in the experimental rock camp. i've played "wisdom & arrogance" hundreds of times.
  • Avatar for hoo_ha_man
  • Avatar for ShredsofFlesh
    Check out all of their stuff . "Unlimited Hate' and "Wisdom & Arrogance' are excellent albums !
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    raw pop
  • Avatar for dqrull
    Tell my friends that iiiiiiiiiiiiim on vacatioooon!
  • Avatar for verwesend
    Their later stuff is Post Punk just the way i like it.
  • Avatar for Burn_my_Shadow
  • Avatar for DJ-pingas
    Everyday is better than the next [2]
  • Avatar for xdobx
    Everyday is better than the next
  • Avatar for Alexatedogshit
    Just found out about the new album. Fuck, I need to get this now!
  • Avatar for ShredsofFlesh
    I never get tired of this stuff .
  • Avatar for Yassiekk
    Please, make something new and put it in youtube (sorry for my bad english) Someone hear something new about this band? priv pls
  • Avatar for Veraldur
    The new album is really great, ida is maybe one of the best female vocalists of all time ...!
  • Avatar for DJ-pingas
    Feels so nice while playing minecraft
  • Avatar for Yassiekk
    I love this voice!
  • Avatar for Fhtagn-SR
    Can't escape the feeling that "Have a nice Fight" is a rip-off of a 60s song by The Beatmen called "Let's Make a Summer"...
  • Avatar for ShredsofFlesh
    This music is pure awesomeness... and that goes for all of their albums .
  • Avatar for ExOblivione
    "I saw the face of god in the mirror..."
  • Avatar for FaultyClockwork
    I like the new album. It's more focused than W&A.
  • Avatar for ShredsofFlesh
    This is surprisingly good .
  • Avatar for kverg
    The Soft Addiction, Better, Velvet Willows... = pure joy.
  • Avatar for Kerros
    New album is fucking great. Took a few listens for it to grow on me though.
  • Avatar for Poe23
  • Avatar for Reincremation
    frustrated by the new album...maybe it'll grow, but it's obviously worse than Wisdom&Arrogance.
  • Avatar for UlvhedinGrom
    Great album.


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