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  • Deadfield

    Sie Beasley and Mathew Bethancourt are joining forces once again under the name of '6THExperiment'. Gregg Hunt & Dan Lockton of Cherry Choke and Tia Marklund & Daniel Israelsson of Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra complete the line up.

    June 2011
  • Deadfield

    The new Cherry Choke full length "A night in the arms of Venus" will be relesead by Elektrohasch 31.07.11

    May 2011
  • cokeboy2

    Metalcore? Meh, meh.

    May 2011
  • nikkirocker

    Buenisima banda =)

    January 2011
  • furio78

    Es que son un puto grupazo

    September 2010
  • YoQueSe666

    Malpaso es un puto temazo

    July 2010
  • JOE_Nevernamed

    GOOD! Rock on!

    July 2010
  • RaymondEBot

    nice grooves

    July 2010
  • Deadfield

    The eagerly anticipated third and final album from The Kings Of Frog Island completes the unique trilogy. A psychotropic journey through the demon infested darklands of the mind, body and soul, released by Elektrohasch July 2010. Just stick it on the back of your tongue and swallow it...

    July 2010
  • OskMaz

    Rly great band, i've been listening them for a while now and i can't get enough of them, Harvester of Lies kicks ass !

    June 2010
  • fuzzy889

    The singer really lowers the overall quality of this band.

    April 2010
  • cass254

    New albums out. Here's my review

    April 2010
  • Deadfield

    Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra – “If light can’t save us, I know Darkness will” With the third full length ”If Light Can´t Save Us, I Know Darkness Will” Dexter Jones´ Circus Orchestra have taken things even further, boiling it down to the essence of the band, delivering an album packed with heavy, laid-back riffs, grand lyrics and DJCO´s trademark: twin guitar harmonies. Release date 22nd of January 2010

    January 2010
  • Deadfield

    Josiah are set to release their fourth and final album "Procession" via Elektrohasch Records this winter.

    October 2009
  • xraphaelx0409xx

    metalcore?delete it please!

    August 2009
  • Strokarlos

    yeea great music! \,,/ I've just discovered 'em

    August 2009
  • coffeeandpigs

    Im guessing this isnt the Josiah that released on Anticon?

    August 2009
  • StonedJesus

    great music!

    July 2009
  • bufftbone

    Mathew Bethancourt is an awesome vocalist. I first heard his Cherry Choke stuff and was hooked. Josiah is my favorite and Kings of Frog Island isn't to shabby either!

    June 2009
  • furio78

    Just 3500 listeners? They need better promotion

    March 2009
  • Deadfield

    Josiah UK are not a Christian rock band or ever have been. A US christian rock band also named Josiah made one album 'Verona' and then split. Josiah UK were the first to use the name and even though the bass player looks like Jesus he smells like Satan.

    January 2009
  • Godownrecords

    OJM and Michael Davis (MC5) gigs 13th feb 2009 Dirty Water club + Gorilla+Lysergics Boston Arms LONDON (UK) ticket 8 £ 14th feb 2009 The Coolerclub +Lysergics 48 Park Street BRISTOL (UK) ticket 8 £

    January 2009
  • yeoldstinkeye

    New Stoner Group. Check it!

    December 2008
  • PKstar

    furio78 estas mayor, entrada con consumición y te pides una triste cerveza y con propaganda incluida en tu mensaje, pues yo no voy a ser menos. Rockadelic en Playa de Gandia. (Valencia-España). Un saludo.

    May 2008
  • Deadfield

    Josiah the self titled debut album is now available as a limited edition LP (500 copies only) on quality heavy black vinyl via Elektrohasch Records. visit our on-line store now at

    April 2008
  • meleemario

    Fuck the Metalcore Josiah, the Stoner Josiah is our messiah! Yeah! Stoner Josiah fucking pwns!

    August 2007
  • maaark

    Josiah (the stoner band) DOESNT SUCK.

    March 2007