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    21 Feb 2009, 02:09 by Stopperator

  • Stealing soundtracks.

    5 Feb 2007, 07:21 by Cooleomaximus

    I have a confession to make. Almost all of the music in my ipod that's by people you've never heard of I have discovered on Soundtracks, most notable music played on Grey's Anatomy and random movies like "The Last Kiss", which by the way was quite depressing in its second viewing (or was it third?) Anyway, here is a compiled list of music that has a slightly pop tinge to it that I got from movies and tv ( the artists anyway, not necessarily the songs)

    Writings On The Wall
    Good song. Relaxing and I am a huge fan of classical string instruments.

    A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door
    Great little tune. Happy and warm.

    Love the piano with her voice.

    Sundrenched World
    Probably the most perfect song ever to fall asleep to.

    Keep It Lose, Keep It Tight
    Heard this song at the perfect time. It's a favorite for sure.

    Something about this song is relaxing.

    Kate Havnevik
    Coolest and wierdest song ever. Love the orchestration- beautiful.
  • Hotel Cafe Tour review: RACHAEL YAMAGATA TOUCHED ME.

    10 Nov 2006, 09:10 by emyh

    I will also say I almost wanted to freaking kick myself in the head for not bringing the camera I was in such a rush.

    First things, first. This show was the apparently first sold-out one. I texted my cousin, "I'm going to see Rachael Yamagata tonight!!" She immediately called me back saying how the show in Houston bored her to tears and disappointed her, and she left early. I SAW NONE OF THAT TONIGHT. IT WAS FREAKING CRAZY, especially toward the end. There was a point I considered leaving, but that was mainly cause I was starting to get tired of standing up and getting back pain.

    First girl who sang: Sara Barielles. So I've NEVER bought an EP in my life at a concert after hearing someone for the first time, but I swarmed all over that stand after the concert. Incredible charisma, GREAT sense of humor, and a very strong and gorgeous voice. She opened with Love Song, and later sang a great (and incredibly cool) cover of Genie in a Bottle. …
  • 5000 Songs

    25 Mar 2006, 22:22 by jerkameleon

    10. Great Lake Swimmers - I bought their self-titled cd after joining last.fm (this is a key theme to most of the artists in my top 10). I have a bit of a thing anything Michigan related, which includes the Great Lakes (but not this band). Favorite track (forgive the redundancy): Great Lake Swimmers

    8. Death Cab for Cutie and The Weepies - I don't think I got any new DCFC cd's since joining, but I have gotten several singles including the cover of Daniel Johnston's "Dream Scream" which is probably my favorite Death Cab song (yeah I know, it's sad that my favorite song of theirs is a cover). I downloaded a digital copy of "Say I Am You" by The Weepies in December and then downloaded "Happiness" a little while ago. They have quite the amazing pair of voices, and "Say I Am You" helped me through some pretty rough times. Favorite Songs: DCFC - "Dream Scream", The Weepies - "Somebody Loved"