• Words I wish I'd written

    17 sept. 2006, 16h00m par guerillabaabaa

    Anyone else ever get this? Just recently it's been happening a lot more, but there are just so many songs where some line it just gives me the chills and I'm like... "damn...I wish I'd thought of that"

    The main offender at the moment is the fantastic line from Carolina Rain where he says "One night at the diner over eggs/Over easy she showed me the length of her legs". Seriously. How awesome is that line? I just love the way he makes one statement (that he's eating eggs with a girl) flow into another statement (that he has sex with her). It's just generally a brilliant song, generally a great album, in fact, but that line is the best part of it. This is making the decision of whether to go to his concert all the more difficult. Ryan Adams or a good friend's 18th?

    Other offenders are "The words that I sang/ Blew off like leaves in the wind/ perched like birds on the branches before landing on the bone again" from Bone Of Song which is probably more to do with how it's sung. …