• French Soundtrack tag

    14 May 2006, 09:08 by moonlitkitty

    I have just enough to make my French soundtrack tag streamable, but I'd like to chuck Betty Blue (37.2 Le Matin) and La Haine (grrr... the first of several badly tagged albums on this tag). The former because it's patchy, and the music I do like on it I prefer to hear really occasionally, so as to preserve its association with scenes in the film I love. And La Haine because, while it's interesting to hear, it doesn't quite go with the relaxing nature of the rest of the tagged albums.

    So if anyone has any suggestions, please add them here. I'm especially after any 60s or 70s soundtracks that are streamable (don't make me have to edit this and put streamable in bold capitals...).

    Random songs that were originally part of a soundtrack belong here too, e.g. Roller Girl, from the 60s TV movie Anna. (Watch this clip of it, if you haven't yet.)

    As for more recent soundtracks, anything goes - baroque, jazz, electro - as long as it's not too jarring. Or not that bombastic boring filmscore type of sound.