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Jordan Thomas (1916 - 2007) was a biological engineer born in Copenhagen, Denmark. When he was 8 years old his parents were brutally murdered by a top class assassin which caused him to go through immense mental anguish. After 5 years of living on the streets and hustling for money he chose to pick up his life and become a movie star. Once he realized he was blind he decided to try music instead. Jordan Thomas had an incredible knack for expressing memories and true emotions through his music. He quickly gained respect in the streets of Denmark and soon went international.

He moved to the U.S. and started doing cocaine and other various narcotics with movie stars; Jordan decided that Hollywood wasn't the place for him so he moved to a small, quaint place in Central Canada…Manitoba. From there it didn't take long to make a name for himself, he gained street respect as well as media respect in less then a year in Manitoba. In 2005 he disappeared mysteriously and never showed his face again. Some say he's anticipating another CD release, others say he is gone forever lost in a vortex of time. Either way, it goes without saying that Jordan Thomas was a huge influence in the world of music and loved cheese.

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