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  • Avatar for Hmangaihkima
    KEYBOARD MASTER!!!! love your work.. keep it going
  • Avatar for shivaki07 RECENZJA
  • Avatar for Maebara_san
    GOD of keyboards!!
  • Avatar for Cylob
    [url=]Dream Theater or Symphony X?[/url]
  • Avatar for r_Strela
    Explorations - oh man!
  • Avatar for wekelijk
    Not at all boring! It's just for those who like, for example, Wim Mertens and Ludovico Einaudi. Very good!
  • Avatar for Darth_Calcifer
    I was disappointed by the new album. Very boring.
  • Avatar for ZigaMan1984
    New album good!
  • Avatar for naturefirst
    Trough Her Eyes , it´s so fantastic !!!!!
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    -the silent man- BEAUTIFUL (’∀’)/
  • Avatar for Thradar
    I love Jordan, but the man needs to work on his album artwork. GAH!! LOL
  • Avatar for abrachel
  • Avatar for Sharp-Ton
    Music to sit down and think.
  • Avatar for matiquielma
  • Avatar for trigniter
    "The Spirit Carries On" is the most beautiful song ever written and your instrumental piano version makes me cry every time... thanks Jordan..!
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    @dalviodias @nrek @RoyalViper Are you really that mad by JR's skills, you pesky, impotent, insignificant and disgraceful trolling bugs? Eat dust, you skippy simpletons
  • Avatar for nrek
    Jordan Rudess is a gaynius. [666] [2]
  • Avatar for Nsoren
  • Avatar for TheLe0
    Jordan Rudess is a genius. [2]
  • Avatar for AkselJ
    It's really disappointing how his four top tracks are Dream Theater songs.
  • Avatar for Solstice-Coil
    All of the songs on Natural Causes are now available on streaming! Try before you buy!
  • Avatar for Progmetty
    Jordan Rudess is a genius.
  • Avatar for KeyWiz
    Лучший, в Америке : )
  • Avatar for BehnamSs
    he is not as boring as your arse is though.
  • Avatar for dalviodias
    Most boring musician of all time.
  • Avatar for octawizard
    New DT album is a masterpiece, thanks Jordan
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    Great European Tour with DT. Thx JR !!
  • Avatar for sebarra_1477
    Progressive Metal, from Dream Theater.
  • Avatar for Solstice-Coil
    Remember Dream Theater's search for a new drummer? Well here's a different perspective:
  • Avatar for bman55
    checking this dude 4 the 1st time-sounds awesome!
  • Avatar for AvianPain
    For Japan. <3
  • Avatar for Dulet
    Progressive Metal, from Dream Theater.
  • Avatar for Psyhister
    What an awesome pic!
  • Avatar for Ricardo_Abe
    Video on youtube For Japan is perfect
  • Avatar for saimerec
  • Avatar for betobareto key.....
  • Avatar for ---Jacke---
    This guy`s insane!
  • Avatar for KonanBarbar
    koji car! ova glazba ko da je iz raja izašla <3
  • Avatar for Ben_zee
    @ Ite: This certainly doesnt match to his album "Notes On a Dream", but to many other albums like "The Road Home". Anyway, I like his solo-piano-non-prog-Metal albums best ^^
  • Avatar for samer_slayer
    The best ever
  • Avatar for dimamusicman
    hey folks! Bez Mezh guitarist here, there is my new solo track called Highlands Games, enjoy! ---
  • Avatar for BehnamSs
  • Avatar for dalviodias
    Malucão, A.D.O.L.O!
  • Avatar for Catata
    swietna muzyka
  • Avatar for Protexena
    True master of keyboards. Really the best one alive.
  • Avatar for progman86
    > He's way too talented for my taste, sorry. What's the point of ever telling us this?
  • Avatar for Sibo77
    He's way too talented for my taste, sorry.
  • Avatar for erdwerdw
    simply the best keyboard player in the world.. we love you mr. rudess
  • Avatar for JonteJH
    I MorphJizzed my pants
  • Avatar for Calabr0


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