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Jonny McGovern, also known by his character name Gay Pimp, is an American comedian and singer. Coming out of the fringe Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, stand-up scene personified by now-defunct performance space "Surf Reality," this stand-up comedian broke out when he recorded a single called "Soccer Practice," which was on the dance charts for some time. This was followed by the release of his CD Dirty Gay Hits, for which he toured America and received some popularity (and MTV airplay) in Europe and Japan.

"Soccer Practice" was a lampoon of male bonding, with lines like "I'm a dirty frat boy on a dirty soccer team/go into the locker room after wrestling/I was there because my buddy's down/There ain't nothin' wrong with helpin' a buddy out" The accompanying video, which received heavy rotation in dance clubs, featured McGovern in a shirt that was emblazed with the sequined words "Gay Pimp." In it, he cavorted and simulated sex with scantily clad men.

The success of this single put McGovern in the pseudo-mainstream, and he appeared giving commentary on a variety of VH1 television shows that lampoon pop-culture (such as Best Week Ever) as well as earning him a slot on Comedy central's all gay comedy show Out on the Edge, hosted by Alan Cumming, and made him a temporary ghetto celebrity when he got a year long gig as a correspondent on The Ricki Lake Show. A second single called "Lookin' Cute/Feelin' Cute," a feel-good gay-pride anthem, continued to endear him to his largest fan base: gay teenagers.

McGovern himself is homosexual, and his live performances are almost exclusively at gay establishments or gay pride parades. Though he is known by a variety of people, his fanbase is primarily gay. He has stated in print interviews that his character "Gay Pimp" was meant to be a lighthearted response to hyper-masculine heterosexuals and the seeming obsession of gay men with projecting a masculine image.

He is also a notorious party promoter in New York City having had several long running gay parties such as "XXX," "Magnum," "The Rambles," and "Boys Gone Wild." His past (as of 5/23/2006) projects include a weekly podcast, Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern, the upcoming release of his long-delayed new album Gays Gone Wild, and producing other gay music acts such as "tranny rap super group" La'Mady. He is also a cast member of the upcoming LOGO network sketch comedy show produced by Rosie O'Donnell.

Currently he has a Youtube talkshow called "Hey Qween" in which he interviews various celebrities known throughout gay culture such as RuPaul, Willam, Adore Delano, Alaska Thunderfuck, Manila Luzon, and Coco Peru.

Jonny has mechandise available on his website (in the Store). Currently there are Gay Pimp t-shirts (with others inspired by the Gay Pimpin' podcast) and ringtones (such as "Soccer Practice," "Lookin' Cute/Feelin' Cute," and the La'Mady song "This is NYC, Bitch!").

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