• Event History

    24 Nov 2012, 11:43 by tworock

    Since some events are deleted over the time here on last.fm, I decided to get all events together in this post.

    2o15 - tba
    JUL 16 - Leipzig, Arena am Panometer
    The Soft Moon , Warm Graves

    JUL 11 - Leipzig, Rosental // Klassic airleben
    JUL 1o - Leipzig, Rosental // Klassic airleben

    JUL o9 - Leipzig, HanDstand & Moral
    Throw Me Off The Bridge, Mohawk

    JUL o4 - Leipzig, Helheim
    Tempest, Antes

    JUN 2o - Leipzig, Werk II
    Sleaford Mods, Circuit Breaker

    JUN o4 - Leipzig, Werk II
    Rocky Votolato, Emily's Giant, Perry O'Parson

    MAY 3o - Leipzig, OSE
    Antlers, Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual

    MAY 3o - Leipzig, Täubchenthal
    Micronaut, Esben and the Witch, Ball Park Music

    MAY 24 - Leipzig, Zxrx
    Doom, Disappears, Teenanger, Sajjanu

    MAY 1o - Dresden, Scheune
    Dälek, Vulvareen

    MAY o6 - Berlin, Friedrichstadtpalast
    Nick Cave

    MAY o2 - Leipzig, Täubchenthal

    APR 3o - Leipzig, UT Connewitz
    White Hills, Black Salvation

  • Lately in My Music World V

    1 Jul 2012, 14:36 by OnceNefarious

    This last wave of new editions to my library was a big one. I'm always (always!) on the look-out for new music, and the way that works is that, as futile as it may seem sometimes, when I'm away from home I spend a lot of time listening to new stuff on Spotify. It's the only way I know of to investigate new artists, because even thought Last.fm has a good online radio, Spotify does have a few advantages, the main one being that you can play straight through a whole album, or straight through a whole artist, without shuffling to other things. When I look for new music, I need to focus; just listening to one song usually isn't enough to get a feel for an artist.

    Only one discovery comes to mind that I didn't really like, and that's Antaeus. I previously owned just one song by them: "Kyrie," which I do like. To get a hint of what I dislike, you just have to read the first line of the Antaeus Wikipedia page: "Antaeus is a French black metal band formed in 1993 offering eerie ambient and chaotic black metal. …
  • More images and a recommendation

    1 Oct 2005, 17:10 by raydirector

    I have taken the liberty of proposing another image for pianist Jonathan Biss. So, please take time to vote and comment on the image I have proposed.

    Jonathan Biss is considered a rising star, and I cannot recommend his music enough. His album Piano Works can be obtained from iTunes Music Store. The cost is less than $9.00 US. Again, I highly recommend purchasing this album.