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  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Firefly +
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    The Evil Within <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for Piske81
    New song, Father Time
  • Avatar for Yellowxander
    Jon Oliva album update:
  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    Also, Jon's solo record is available on for pre-order, just ordered mine today!! Seems like yesterday that Tage Mahal was coming out and here we are four records later!
  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    Xandoren, I was lucky enough to catch him in 2008 and it was a fantastic show. Would love to see them again. Sadly Jon's fan base in the states isn't as high as in other countries, so I can understand the lack of touring (the show I was at had maybe 200 people there), but you'd think they'd at least pair up with another group and do a full US tour.
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    'FIREFLY' amazing (・3・)~♪
  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    I like old classic Savatage, but honestly my favorite albums of theirs are the later ones from the 90s, and I enjoy JoP even more. His songwriting gets better with age.
  • Avatar for ClassyMusicSnob
    @Leodoom would you rather him suffer a massive stroke or heart attack and lose him early? He is one of the best voices in metal, lets not lose him. He needs to lose a bit of weight.
  • Avatar for NefandusDeus
    I agree, except for "Poets and Madmen". I takes a lot to top that.
  • Avatar for Tenozuma
    Wow. I listened to Maniacal Renderings for the first (and second) time yesterday and... did anyone else get the impression this is way better than all the kickass stuff Savatage put out? Or is it an expectation thing? So overjoyed at this door being opened.
  • Avatar for Forcerinen
    Damnit, I just now read about Matt LaPorte. I can't believe it. What a great guitarist, got to see him live once, Rest In Peace.
  • Avatar for Bryanvdst
    Any news on the band?
  • Avatar for Leodoom
    @ClassyMusicSnob: NOO!! Jon must'nt lose weight. You know, even Gerre from Tankard lost weight recently and looks normal now. If we also lose Jon, who will we fat metalheads look up to? :-(
  • Avatar for Balthi
    Live @ Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany (16.7.2010) R.I.P. Matt LaPorte
  • Avatar for Piske81
    Recording process started! Wondering who will be playing lead guitar...
  • Avatar for ClassyMusicSnob
  • Avatar for ClassyMusicSnob
    Jon needs to lose weight so he doesn't lose his health which would render him incapable of touring. I was too young to see Savatage so I NEED TO SO JOP!
  • Avatar for MivkoVanMikko
    Matt LaPorte was a great, and underrated, guitarist. Rest in Peace Matt.
  • Avatar for Zehmentmischa
    R.I.P. Matt Play in the Jesus Band now
  • Avatar for Trolllis
    R.I.P. Matt LePorte
  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    Matt was one of those guitarists where I'd always forget how amazing he was until I had on a JOP record and was always impressed by his feel for every song. His leads are fantastic, and I feel fortunate I got to see him play on the global warning tour. Rest in peace.
  • Avatar for Ernst-Eddie
    R.I.P. Matt LaPorte.
  • Avatar for Slamic4
    R.I.P. Matt LePorte
  • Avatar for Piske81
    I can't believe it! Another truly talented artist gone! Rest in peace Matt! All my affection to his family and band mates!
  • Avatar for Kanixtant
    Much respect and love for Matt LaPorte.
  • Avatar for cikbuds10
    RIP Matt
  • Avatar for ryklav
    RIP Matt
  • Avatar for Voggis2008
    RIP, Matt LaPorte
  • Avatar for WhatABoringName
    RIP Matt...
  • Avatar for realitysfool
    rip matt cant really believe it thanks for some great music
  • Avatar for DTJeff33
    RIP Matt LaPorte. The closest thing we'll ever see to a second Criss Oliva, and an amazing guitarist in his own right.
  • Avatar for EmilianoCM
    The nonsensical ravings of the lunatic's mind
  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    one a kind songwriter Jon is, it was a pleasure to meet him and watch him perform front row several years ago.
  • Avatar for Tomapplehead
    This Band is just awewsome!!!!
  • Avatar for drikazeppelin
    Maniacal Renderings and 'Festival and a great album too, both to be unmistakable style Savatage, Jon Oliva and' a genius of metal and deserves to be remembered along with other great styles, am enjoying the last two albums the band, long live the live Savatage Jon Oliva and (Criss Oliva) too.
  • Avatar for whatevaaah
    a review of the dvd recording show in Tilburg on the 15th of october can be found here:
  • Avatar for Wesz_W
    Who is coming to Jon Oliva's Pain 15th of October? DVD is being recorded then =D
  • Avatar for Tomapplehead
    See them tomorrow again at the colos-saal,Aschaffenburg, germany! See them for the 5th time !
  • Avatar for beautiful-noise
    Jon Olivas Pain, Circle II Circle, Need, Neverland, Serpent Sin and Ocean Spout @ Prog-Metal-Night 01.10.2010 in 96155 Gunzendorf, Germany.
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Festival is a wonderful album. As close to Savatage as we'll ever get again Living On The Edge IS a Savatage song.. sounds like one and was co-written by Chris Oliva
  • Avatar for schmoove
    seems like this man can't do wrong. Liked the production on Global Warning more than Morrisound production. Too Iced Earth for my tastes. But the songs, creativity and magic are still second to none. Global Warning is still my fave though.
  • Avatar for cikbuds10
    Happy Birthday to JON !!
  • Avatar for JangoFett_Volot
    Happy fuckin' birthday, Jon!
  • Avatar for Wesz_W
    Saw them live this saturday and they were really amazing! They simply blowed me away with an extremely solid performance and a cool tracklist. Especially Rainbow in the Dark and the first tracks were epic, but Hall of the Mountain King was the absolute winner. Really want to see them again!
  • Avatar for Oniren
    After two or three months of waiting I finally received my copy of Festival. It's a great album and the remake of Savatage's Living On The Edge Of Time took me by surprise. JOP calls it Living On The Edge and I believe Savatage only released it as a demo bonus track on Sirens (my version is the Silver Anniversary Edition).
  • Avatar for Vahvahenki
    Festival could just be their best effort to date. Fantastic album, a grower for sure.
  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    love the new album, absolutely amazing songwriting!!!
  • Avatar for kumekster
    new album is fucking awsome i didn't like the previous one but this rocks
  • Avatar for InfernalMasq
    Check out our 20 minute interview with Jon Oliva at, and also visit our review of his latest release "Festival"


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