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    Mitja Nikisch, 37
    Mitja Nikisch Tanz Orchester
    born in Leipzig, Germany on May 21, 1899 and died in Venice, Italy on August 5, 1936.
    Son of the celebrated classical conductor Arthur Nikisch and himself a respected classical pianist, had created a fine, popular dance ensemble in the '20s, the Mitja Nikisch Tanz Orchester, which played in prominent venues. The Nazi regime brought about its demise, leading Nikisch to commit suicide in 1936.

    Leon Chappelear: Age 53
    aka Leon Chappel
    despondent over a career gone sour. He shot himself in the face with a shotgun

    Bobby Fuller, 24
    Bobby Fuller (October 22, 1942 – July 18, 1966) was an American rock singer and guitar player best known for his classic "I Fought the Law".
    Just after "I Fought The Law" became a top ten hit, Bobby Fuller was found dead in a parked automobile near his Los Angeles home. The police considered the death an apparent suicide, however many people still believe Fuller was murdered. …
  • Famous Dead Musicians/Artists and Causes of Death (Pt 1, Age 16-36)

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    This is an article in which I tried to bundle all the great losses of rock'n roll and modern music. That means all the musicians which are worldwide known and died at young age (before 51 years old). I tried to give a little information about the way they died. Most of the information I got from Wikipedia. When someone thinks I forgot an artist or that the information is incorrect... I'm open for new information.

    The list is in order of age of dying

    For the artists older than 36 I'll recommend you Pt 2;

    Ritchie Valens (1941-1959)
    Plane crash. After a winning cointoss and despite of his fear to fly, together with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper, he flew out of the Mason City airport in a small plane that Holly had chartered. The plane flew into a blinding snowstorm and crashed shortly after takeoff. This is known as "The Day The Music Died".
  • Tuesday Ten: Until Death (Us Do Part)

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    I've been thinking a lot about death of late. A friend sadly passed away on Sunday night after a long battle with illness, while in the musical world the death of Alex Chilton, frontman of Big Star, last week cast something of a shadow over SXSW - not least because he was due to play with his reformed band on Saturday night at the festival. The remainder of the band decided to go-ahead with the show, with a number of big alt-rock names assisting on vocals as something of a sweet tribute. And these events, not to mention the recent suicide of Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, resulted in this week's Tuesday Ten being about how the death of a member affects bands. It doesn't always result in the end of a band, instead sometimes spurring bands onto even greater heights, and some might cynically say that in some cases death results in being the best advertising they could ever have. So, this week, I'm looking at bands that have lost one or more members to death, and what happened after the event. …

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    I've been really amazed lately at music's ability to bring back so many memories. Just a simple song can whip up memories of years and years ago, and it's such a bittersweet thing. So let me take you through my life in music...


    Most of the music listened to in my childhood was influenced by my parents, and because my mother is a classical pianist we also listened to a lot of classical music, no particular artists or composers though. These are the main ones:

    The Beatles
    Since I was a kid, my father never stopped telling me about how the Beatles spawned a 'musical revolution'. I never really understood what he meant until he sat me down and played me a few songs. The first exposure I ever really got to the Beatles was in 1996, when I was seven years old. My cousin had just arrived from Germany, and she was two years younger than me. Her English wasn't very good, but one of the first things she did was sit down at our kitchen table and sing Yesterday and I’ve remembered it ever since. …
  • Jon Lee!

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    so i've rediscovered Jon Lee. he was formerly part of the pop group S Club 7. and Jon was my fave from the beginning. he's so cute! =) might i add he still looks good? blonde spiky hair, still fit as ever... haha.. anyways, so this past week, i've been going back to those old sites i use to go to for S Club news and other stuff. and WOW! i've found out Jon's been doing musicals and stuff! i knew he did Les Mis after S Club split, but didnt follow after that. and it turns out he did this musical called Love Shack. from the previews and stuff on the official site of the musical, it looks AMAZING. and of course, Jon gets a lead role. =] that guy was born to be a performer! and gotta love his voice! so from the site, i heard the song Sometimes, Never, Always. a duet by Jon and Faye Tozer (fomerly in Steps) and ITS SO GOOD. omg... from these vocals, you can tell Jon loves his job. and there is no better musical than when the audience can sense the performers enjoy it themselves! yes…