• Top 10 albums of 2008

    15 Feb 2009, 01:16 by OnDistantShores

    It's a little tardy, I know, but better late than never.

    10. Edison Glass - Time Is Fiction
    There are some very, very strong indie math rock songs on this album, and some less than strong ones. Edison Glass use their dual vocalists to maximum potential, which always keeps the listener guessing and makes for an engaging album, especially towards the start. Their bouncy guitars and refusal to stick to norms makes this an impressive album, but they still have some work to do when they try and slow things down - it just doesn't work.

    9. The Wedding - The Sound, The Steel EP
    The transition to a new vocalist is never an easy one for bands, but The Wedding have done it perfectly. At first I didn't even notice...but I'm not the most attentive cat on the block. This album builds further on their sound from Polarity, but focuses further on their edgy, rocky side, and while it's nothing ear shattering, this EP showcases some fantastic embarrassing-beadroom-headbanging moments.

    8. House of Heroes - The End Is Not The End
  • Top 11 Songs of 2008

    10 Jan 2009, 05:34 by pianominstrel

    11."Little Ghost In Your Room"
    Ghost of the Forest

    I'm pretty sure I got this album at a CD release party in the last week of 2007, which means it practically wasn't eligible for last year's list and practically is for this one's. The band called it quits this year, but I still like occasionally spinning their cheerful, homemade, indie-ish tunes. Their highlight for me is "Little Ghost In Your Room," a cheery song with handclaps and background "ohs" as Robby reminds us (in amusing rhyme) to not be afraid of little ghosts. The rousing "ohs" of the chorus make the song even better, but the ending's piano frills, classic Collin synth, and random handclaps make it pure awesome.

    Jars of Clay

    Jars of Clay has been around for awhile, but they keep changing their sound and doing it well enough to keep me interested. Many thought their 2006 album was their best yet, or as good as their classic first…