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    "I'll buy you the whole factory,Sweetheart."
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  • Avatar for brisanta
    pure Erinnerungen, tolles ist lange her....aber immer noch lebendig :o)
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  • Avatar for YuniYasha
    I love this song
  • Avatar for Eye_Gore
    I forgot about this one.
  • Avatar for gonetobeach
    I have been trying to add this to my library for a long time. I'm glad it finally played. I also love watching the movies with Peter Lorre now (Mr Cairo in The Maltese Falcon).
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    I have not heard this in over 20 years! Wow, I loved this song back then. Jon's vocals as always a treat. playing the full 12 min version too, bonus!
  • Avatar for OmaticayaNavit
    The voice of Jon Anderson just great :-))
  • Avatar for Johnkm
    Haha, same here! Brilliant song though.
  • Avatar for tru_dude
    Fringe S04E15 is where i heard it too
  • Avatar for VarHyid
    Beautiful song. Just when I though no one can top A-Ha, this comes along. I would've never hear it if it wasn't played in an episode of Fringe (S04E15 - "A Short Story About Love"). +1 to the makers of this show for pulling out this gem. Oh, the irony... I've heard it "on the screen" ;)
  • Avatar for elchesingen
    Immer wieder himmlisch schön, leicht mit tiefer Strahlung
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    they`re pullin` the ol` friggin`switcheroo,not lettin` ya hear the full 12+ minutes....there`s always youtube>>>sighs
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    what a tribute,eh? has friggin` everything !...unique voice Jon was blessed with !
  • Avatar for ibjm10
    Finde ich einfach gut gemacht
  • Avatar for Nagamenon
    I bought a vinyl with this track on it so long ago on a school trip to Gothernburg. It opened a new world to me. From then on I am a loyal fan of Vangelis and Jon Anderson. Such a great combo. Great music that I love so much. My brainstem is in love. :-)
  • Avatar for axiohm
    Loved this for donkey's years. If only they had used, or got permission to use, genuine samples. The acting and impersonations here are pretty poor. Such a shame . . .
  • Avatar for love_dokkyun
    A song in tribute to a certain type of classic film. So perfect!
  • Avatar for binschonvergebe
    is this the Heaven !
  • Avatar for Silvanus75
  • Avatar for sisesvint
    I recall this from the days of vinyl.
  • Avatar for jatkinson
    I like this, it's cool, seedy and downright devious. I think if i count all iterations that Jon Anderson appears in the various forms of Yes, his solo career and other collaborations I must have him scrobbled the most, and deservedly so.
  • Avatar for Killia
    i'm sick of this one.
  • Avatar for TekPete
    I'm not keen on this but I like a lot of their previous work.
  • Avatar for inmiblood
    if there were but 1 record song piece of Pure art, Then this IS the 1
  • Avatar for johnnynuxxx
    Proof that the best songs don't get played on the radio
  • Avatar for rudigerkurt
    it is lovable
  • Avatar for rudigerkurt
    sopranos series XX
  • Avatar for pawlusinski
    Love it...
  • Avatar for Zoltanrah
    Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, yeahhhh
  • Avatar for LOSTFREEQ
    damn good track, damn good time
  • Avatar for Chukkzy
    If there ever was an epic song then its this.
  • Avatar for alfapp
    absolute masterpiece
  • Avatar for robob204
    The theme does unfortunately remains me of reservoir dogs and I do hate MR Orange... lmao
  • Avatar for Eisenbahnhein
    Einfach Spitze!!!
  • Avatar for rjoycerocknroll
    Love this song !!!!
  • Avatar for fariborz69
    WAooW.. einfach perfect.. love it. zibatarin az jon&V..
  • Avatar for boogiebus
    One can imagine being surrounded by whisps of shimmering lights as silent films show all around.. Magic..
  • Avatar for IrishN00B
    12 well spent minutes
  • Avatar for yorkieso
    brilliant tune
  • Avatar for OpbokkenRobin
    Love it!
  • Avatar for rbx
    catchy tune
  • Avatar for BoogieOn68
    great song - in best tradition of 666 and yessongs
  • Avatar for maciej_g1
    Masterpiece. Absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for JocksRus
    Great track. Just that bit different!
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