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Johnny Nobody's power lies in their shifting back and forth from barroom blues rock riffage, gritty psychedelia, fuzzed up power pop and unbridled punk energetics. The foundation of White's relentless pounding and crashing and Roberts' throbbing bass lines is covered over with Vaeth's blistering, distorted guitar and deceptively sweet choirboy gone wrong tenor. The result is unfettered, uncompromised rock and roll as it should be. Like a mix of AC/DC, Queens of The Stone Age, Sloan and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Johnny Nobody effortlessly craft a rock and roll in thick, highly melodic slabs that belie the compactness of a trio. The band's trade is superbly crafted songs, usually of the three minute variety, like the kind that used to play on the radio. Their July 2007 proper debut full-length "What It Feels Like Broke" (Harvest Sum) is the ultimate musical summation of it.

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