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  • dsd680

    johnny hobo is one of the best straight edge bands ive listened to

    March 2013
  • crapuccino

    every time i get a ride home, i scream this and destroy everyones ears

    May 2012
  • thrashdeth

    LULZ ! the straight edge tag

    February 2012
  • smurf88


    June 2010
  • jacobenos

    Because freedom doesn't have a purpose

    December 2009
  • Jamieeeeee

    Here's to our lives being meaningless

    October 2009
  • SpringOnTheWind

    A casket buried six feet deep for everybody's hero

    January 2009
  • OmegaTLE

    A brick through every window

    September 2008
  • mrbakerman0101x

    Heres to the rubble

    May 2007