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  • lovegod01


    January 2013
  • angelheart57

    Love his voice!!! :-)

    August 2012
  • Vallyre

    I love johnny gill. This song is so nice....

    July 2012
  • JamSammiches

    Sang the Song JG !

    January 2012
  • iimani

    love this

    November 2011
  • krazybeautiful7


    October 2011
  • matrix7367

    THATS WHAT'S UP!!!!!!

    September 2011
  • akfagins

    I statred putting some old school hits and this is one that at the top of my list!!! Love it

    August 2011
  • dhdaddy41

    this is on my old school sunday groove TAPE i made back in the 90's....great great song..hope my tape never pops

    August 2011
  • alyssalovesyuh

    my mom used to play this song like crazie , <3 goooood song thougghh!

    February 2011
  • Brendaalaboutme

    real ole' skool

    October 2010


    August 2010
  • LSHCoss

    love this song !!!!

    August 2010
  • GregS3

    Still a Jam

    August 2010
  • Rikku2345

    This song was out when I met my wife, but also brings to mind the movie "New Jack City". I remember going to bed late night and hearing this song being played on the quite storm.

    August 2010
  • jerzset2

    memories....good memories....

    July 2010
  • booboo1423

    lovin it ight now love makin makes u fall in love wih the one u found

    February 2010
  • aprulbabi

    uummmm..love it!!

    January 2010
  • krazybeautiful7

    love this track.....

    November 2009


    November 2009
  • JNez

    i've always loved this. boy does it remind me of winter 1991. i was so happy to get a new johnny gill jam produced by jimmy jam & terry lewis after completely ravaging jg's 1990 cd. this was all i needed to tide me over until the follow up in 1993. oh the memories...this is early 90's quiet storm at its best!

    October 2009
  • a_kiki

    Love this song. New Jack City!

    August 2009
  • drastic67

    i got this song its hot.

    July 2009
  • BRuby14

    I love this song. The video is good also. I just enjoy looking at Johnny Gill, and listening to his music.

    June 2009
  • UsPeaches

    wow! memories.....

    March 2009
  • Ldannyweb

    Love this song.....love this moive, great!!! good old days

    January 2009