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Johnny Gage is a songwriter from London, UK who has changed his style many times over the course of the years, from the sunken introspective wrist-slitting collection "Songs About Falling" to the half hour long guitar-made soundscapes of "Dirty Protest". He also made a collection of songs for ukelele based on Catch 22 by Joseph Heller . Nowadays he's calmed down a bit.

Johnny tries to describe himself as an eclectic, but is normally told to sit down and shut up. He is adament that there is no genre in music, just good music and bad music. Comments like this and the inevitable attempt at discussion tend to result in fisticuffs, or at least a slap from people who express a liking for "Indie bollocks" etc.


Johnny Gage started out his musical life singing in Windsor Castle every day for six years and touring Europe and the USA, as well as learning the piano and violin with similar zeal. All of this made him grow his hair and start learning the guitar as Pink Floyd and Radiohead seemed to make more sense than William Byrd and Edward Elgar.

The first foray into non-classical music was with school friends Tim Dickinson and John Haworth in the band Blackflower, a badly named blues-rock band.

The next attempt at musical self-expression was in The Chewy Middle, a pop-punk band fronted by Josh Burgess with John Mildemay-White on bass and Ed Adlard on drums. This group turned out to be a hit with the laydeez and at shows Ed was often found hiding in bushes with girls, desperately trying to convince them to remove their nickers.

Johnny now plays in the Perceval Gage, a post-metal outfit described as the logical step forward from Neurosis, Breach, Mastodon and Tool (by Johnny) and as "Oh, that band with the drummer from Sikth" by most other people.

Johnny also, until very recently, played in soul/funk/hip-hop group TamsinSoul, described (by most people, not just Johnny) as a blend of everything good in soul with some genius funky hip hop.

You can here more of his music at his MySpace page:

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