• Delta Force (an article about Fat Possum Records)

    31 Aug 2008, 13:33 by gvda

    I came across an interesting and very lenghty article about Fat Possum Records, my beloved record label from Oxford, Mississippi.

    To 'preserve' it I will post the whole article below, with respect to the original author: Richard Grant from UK newspaper The Observer. It was originally published Sunday November, 16th 2003.

    You should find the article here, (if the link still works):
    Highly recommended reading if you're into Fat Possum!

    Delta Force

    The dishevelled duo behind the Fat Possum label have fought to bring old bluesmen to a new, young audience. But it's even harder keeping their battle-scarred artists alive. Richard Grant reports from deepest Mississippi

    The offices of Fat Possum Records are located with wild incongruity between a police station and a Baptist church in the small, god-fearing town of Water Valley, Mississippi, where the lawns are deep and green and possession of beer is a criminal offence. …