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Johnny Cash

The Mercy Seat (4:34)


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  • Again, Cash brings something else to the table along with his personality and the simple fact that he's the Man in Black and makes you think that he's been there, done that. No one does prison songs like him, after all.
  • To be fair, no one does intensity like Nick Cave, but Cash brings something else to this song. [2]
  • One of the best covers - ever. he makes it into something new and so beautiful
  • To be fair, no one does intensity like Sir Nick of Cave, but Cash brings something else to this song. Cash could sing the alphabet song and make it the most listenable song. Is listenable a word?
  • It lacks the intensity of Nick Cave's version [2] ... one of the few Cash-Covers, where I prefer the original song....
  • i die with this.
  • Great cover, one of my favorites that Cash did!!
  • Johnny Cash Rocks.
  • It lacks the intensity of Nick Cave's version, but it's a nice interpretation.
  • this is perfect
  • the best cover
  • I think I like this more than Cave's one.
  • cash is great finde den song toll
  • SO much better than the original...no question for me
  • The best cover I've heard..Johnny Cash took a song and turned it into unique pleasure..:)
  • Fantastic cover!
  • disappointing cover
  • impressive!!
  • don't think this cover is too good.
  • my buddy is on fire
  • One of my favourite songs, can't believe I didn't know about it before. Love the ending of the song, though I won't ruin it for anyone if they haven't heard it yet ;D
  • Powerful and beautiful.
  • ... oh my god.
  • What a pair!!
  • we miss you johnny
  • Amazing !!!
  • cave and cash are both so, so good.
  • Being a fan of both Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, I'm really happy with this cover. Trust Cash to cover somebody like Cave.
  • Fantastic, sounds great at many decebels in the car; or anywhere else for that matter.
  • a great man ... R.I.P Mr. Cash
  • saaaad song
  • I adore the original and Cash's cover. This is how music should be.
  • I LIKE THIS VERSION, because I can actually hear ALL the lyrics; even though Cash doesn't sing the whole song.
  • It sounds exactly like Nick should sound today. Deep, dark, amazing and with the volume turned down. Instead he got wild and crazy with Grinderman.
  • The song is so beautiful and nevertheless sad...
  • HIs...
  • just great!!!
  • every cover version he did done excelled in so many ways
  • !
  • just perfect
  • herrlich
  • Cash + Cave = the most chilling, stark, brilliant cover of all time.
  • simply the best
  • What a cover!
  • legen...wait for it...dary
  • Chilling… I remember the first time I heard this after buying the disc; it just steals your breath away.
  • eigendlich garnicht mein Ding aber das Lied ist richtig Geil
  • Awesome. Few could do this song this much justice.
  • your wit is electric


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