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  • arrested because he was caught with alot of talent on his blood. [2]
  • perfect.
  • arrested because he was caught with alot of talent on his blood.
  • lets fucking die
  • goddam' it J.R. i thought i told you to leave that cocaine be!
  • because she made him slow
  • because he took a shot of cocaine and shot his woman down
  • Shouldn't pick the goddamn flowers.
  • because he shot a man in rino?
  • Badass
  • Amazing! [3]
  • Amazing! [2]
  • just wanted to say you'll always live close to my heart Li'l Johnny I never meant to do the things I've done , so maybe My life is a mess without hearing you,too! Crying My bad dead eyes apart was killing my baby brother who'd rather seen you than go to disney land or world or whatever he always wanted you and Dad to meet I think his spirit walks like you without the guitar though I think we should rename that instrument could have been better if we just said it was a well made drum of channeling sounds that sometimes never would stop and be heard while the kids were praying to get to sleep for the next day I think someone would still have sleep walking dreams of walking the true lines until he meets you in the zones , may god bless you both if you find each other , so Long Uncle Beau sent this note somehow to Johnny find me and you'll never look for willie he says:::::::: heck of a road Lucas .....
  • Badass
  • my hero!!
  • Badass
  • Amazing!
  • Fantastic! I certainly like it.
  • "Johnny Cash was arrested in October 1965 at the El Paso International Airport after U.S. Customs agents found hundreds of pep pills and tranquilizers in his luggage as he returned from a trip to Juarez, Mexico. The Man in Black spent a night in the county jail and later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count, for which he paid a $1000 fine and received a 30-day suspended sentence."
  • fuckin great!
  • what a badass
  • sitting for a mug shot?
  • Now he doesn't have to sing songs to make people think he went to jail.
  • \m/
  • meth is bad for you :)
  • ...bad boy :)
  • hehehe
  • This could be the best one yet.
  • i love this pic!
  • *-*
  • amazing
  • whoever gave this a thumbs down sucks
  • now what did he do this time
  • q-q
    this is perfect, this should at least be in the top 4.
  • Nice!
  • Love the picture ^^
  • God of Country!
  • outlaw
  • il più grande
  • Classic

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